Make sure you pack your travel size toiletries and essentials for your next vacation.

Travel is a time to explore new places, try new things, and get outside your comfort zone. Whether it's a solo work trip a couple states over or a family vacation to a beach in a tropical country, you should embrace a new place and bring all of your favorite natural toiletries along for the ride.

Even some of the nicest hotels don't always offer the greatest selection of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and other personal care essentials. And with strict TSA restrictions, it can be a bother to pack your full-size products in your baggage.

We're often left to use the iffy digs found in the hotel bathroom, or we're forced to run out to grab the cheapest option off the shelf at the nearest drugstore. Traveling with kids and babies can turn this minor inconvenience into an even bigger fiasco, but luckily there's a better way to bring your favorite toiletries without sacrificing bag space or product quality.

Our Personal Care Travel Set and Baby Care Travel Set come stocked with four-ounce bottles of everything you might need on a getaway. Keep reading to see why you need to throw these travel sets in your bag on your next escape from reality.

Pack travel size lotion in your suitcase next time you get away

Your skin shouldn't suffer just because you're on the road. Pack our organic travel size lotion, made from organic aloe Vera, organic sunflower oil, organic Shea butter, and other organic plants and minerals to replenish moisture and add balance to your skin.

Don't forget travel size shampoo and travel size conditioner

Puracy travel size natural shampoo and travel size natural conditioner fit easily into any toiletry bag. Their plant- and botanical-derived ingredients encourage silky and shiny hair and restore hair health with vitamins E and B5, as well as olive oil. The natural citrus and mint scent is made from plant-based essential oils, not synthetic fragrances and perfumes that hotel hair-care products often use.

Travel size body wash is a must-pack item for your next vacation

Hotels often provide packaged bar soap for guests to use during their stay, but bar soap can be drying to the skin. Pack your travel size natural body wash from Puracy to experience soothing coconut cleansers and restorative Himalayan pink sea salt to cleanse and restore the skin during your travels.

Travel size stain remover is a lifesaver on the road

Ever spill on your favorite white t-shirt or pair of khaki pants while traveling? Don't fret. Our travel size natural stain remover is the secret weapon you never knew you needed on every vacation and getaway. Made of six powerful plant-based enzymes, it tackles hundreds of stains, including wine, tomato sauce, cosmetics, berries, and more. It's the only stain remover on the market to use all six plant-based enzymes (our closest competitor uses only three), helping it eliminate stains that many off-the-shelf stain removers simply can't remove.

Toss the travel size baby bubble bath in baby's bag for your next vacation

Traveling with baby often means a whole lot of extra supplies. His or her bath time essentials shouldn't be a burden, and you shouldn't have to just use whatever's on hand at your lodging. Bath time can still be fun, bubbly, and safe on their sensitive skin with our natural travel size baby bubble bath. Naturally scented with lavender and vanilla essential oils, your tike will smell heavenly and feel wonderful with our aloe, apple, banana, pomegranate, and other fruit extract formula.

Travel size baby shampoo and body wash is a necessity when you're traveling with baby

Beyond a bubbly bath, you can safely wash baby's skin and hair with Puracy travel size natural baby shampoo and body wash all-in-one natural formula. Nourishing vegetable moisturizers balance the skin and hair, while sea salt purifies and coconut cleansers wash away any impurities.

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Remember to pack your travel size baby lotion on your next trip with the little one

Finally, get baby's skin nice and smooth with our travel size organic baby lotion. Awarded by the BUMP for "Best Baby Skincare Products" in 2018, the blend of aloe Vera, Shea butter, sunflower oil, and other organic minerals and plant-based ingredients enrich the skin with vitamin E, a deeply moisturizing element.

Travel can be stressful and chaotic, but bringing along products that you trust and love shouldn't have to be. With our Personal Care Travel Set and Baby Care Travel Set, you'll be all "set" with the travel size toiletry essentials you might need. Plus, you'll save $5 by purchasing each as a set.