• Pronunciation: ˈen-ˌzīm
  • Type: Natural

What Is Enzyme?

An enzyme is a biological substance that triggers chemical reactions in living organisms and regulates the rate at which those reactions occur.[1,2]

What Does Enzyme Do in Our products?

Enzymes generally interact with a substance to start a reaction. There are six general types of reactions: reactions that transfer electrons, reactions that transfer a chemical group from one to another, reactions that take in water, reactions that add or expel a chemical, reactions that form isomers, and reactions that form one bond and break another.[3] Enzymes are often found in cleaning products.[4]

Why Puracy Uses Enzyme

We use enzymes in our cleaning products as a substitute for harsh chemicals.

How Enzyme Is Made

Protein enzymes are made of amino acid chains.[5] However, not all enzymes are proteins; many are ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules, which are called ribozymes. Biochemists are also to create antibodies that have enzyme-like properties.[6]


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