• Pronunciation: \ˈme-thəlˈglī-ˌsēn di ə-ˌsēt-ik\ ˈa-səd
  • Type: Synthetic
  • Other names: MGDA

What Is Methylglycinediacetic acid?

Methylglycinediacetic acid, also called MGDA, is a clear, yellowish liquid or solid granule that improves the efficiency of cleaning products by removing residues.[1]

What Does Methylglycinediacetic acid Do in Our products?

Methylglycinediacetic acid is a chelating agent used in household cleaning products.[2] It is helpful in removing lime scale due to its power to dissolve fatty acids containing stains. It can be a substitute for phosphates.[3] We use it in our dishwasher detergent.

Why Puracy Uses Methylglycinediacetic acid

Methylglycinediacetic acid is a chelating agent that prevents hard-water stains from forming. It is more biodegradable than some traditional chelating agents.[5,6] Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care and cleaning product quality standards.[7,8]

How Methylglycinediacetic acid Is Made

Commercially, manufacturing methylglycinediacetic acid involves first dissolving the amino acid alanine in water. The solution is then mixed with formaldehyde. The solution is then sent to a saponification reactor, at which point the MGDA forms. After separating out the MGDA, hydrogen peroxide is added. The final product is either cooled and stored as a liquid or further refined into a solid.[4]


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