• Pronunciation: \ˈsō-dē-əm \ ˌē-tə-ˈdrō-ˌnāt\
  • Type: Synthetic
  • Other names: Etidronate disodium

What Is Sodium etidronate?

Sodium etidronate, also called etidronate disodium, inhibits calcification.[1]

What Does Sodium etidronate Do in Our products?

Sodium etidronate is a chelating agent commonly used in household cleaning products. It is often found in bubble bath and a variety of other products as well.[2] We use it in our dishwasher detergent.

Why Puracy Uses Sodium etidronate

Sodium etidronate is a chelating agent that helps prevent hard-water stains.[4] Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in cleaning product quality standards.[5]

How Sodium etidronate Is Made

Manufacturing sodium etidronate often involves crystallizing a liquid mixture neutralized with sodium hydroxide and then drying the crystals. Alternatively, the mixture can be evaporated in a spray dryer.[3]


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