• Derived from: vanilla
  • Pronunciation: (\və-ˈni-lə)
  • Type: Natural

What Is Vanilla essential oil/absolute?

Vanilla essential oil is derived from the vanilla plant, or Vanilla planifolia, which is a kind of orchid that has vines and yellow-green flowers that produce brown pods.[1] The plant is indigenous to Central America and Mexico but grows throughout the world.[2]

What Does Vanilla essential oil/absolute Do in Our products?

Vanilla essential oil gives our products a fresh, natural scent. It is often found in moisturizer, lip gloss, bath products, conditioner, perfume, and other items.[3]

Why Puracy Uses Vanilla essential oil/absolute

We use vanilla essential oil in several of our products as a fragrance. It is a better alternative to synthetic perfumes and phthalates. The FDA has deemed vanilla oil generally recognized as safe (GRAS), and Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care and cleaning product quality standards.[5,6,7] Vanilla essential oil/absolute is commonly used in aromatherapy due to its calming effects, and research shows the ingredient is not a strong skin irritant or sensitizer.[8,9]

How Vanilla essential oil/absolute Is Made

Vanilla essential oil production typically starts by drying and curing vanilla beans. However, what happens next depends on what kind of oil the producer is making. Generally, there are three types of vanilla oil:—Vanilla carbon dioxide, which is made by putting vanilla beans in a chamber, injecting them with CO2 gas, and then pressurizing the air in the chamber. This liquefies the CO2, which pulls the oil out of the pods. The CO2 then returns to gas, leaving the oil behind.—Vanilla oleoresin, which is produced via solvent extraction from macerated beans.—Vanilla absolute, which is made by extracting the oil via solvents.[4] Vanilla essential oil/absolute is the most expensive, purest source of vanilla. It often comes in a paste and can cost upward of $8,000 per pound. This is the oil Puracy uses.



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