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The 10 Best Podcasts for Parents with Babies and Young Kids

November 27, 2019

The 10 Best Podcasts for Parents with Babies and Young Kids

Written by Stacey Pino. Reviewed by Puracy Co-Founder (and father of five) Paul Tracy.

There’s a podcast for just about every topic imaginable. And parenting is no exception. Enter “parenting” in the search bar of your preferred podcast app and you’re likely to get a seemingly never-ending list of results.

We’re here to point you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, real-life tips for navigating infant and toddler milestones, or just some comic relief, you’re certain to find it among our favorites listed below. 

Top 10 Parenting Podcasts 

Unruffled Podcast

Podcast #1: Unruffled

Our personal favorite

Janet Lansbury traded a glamorous life as an actress and model for the quieter life of wife and mom in 1990. Like so many new mothers, Lansbury was overwhelmed and lacking confidence until she discovered Magda Gerber’s philosophy of “respectful parenting.”

Through her podcast, Janet empowers parents to respect and nurture their children instead of disciplining them harshly. This method uplifts and empowers young children, which, in our personal experience, helps break the cycle of negativity, confrontation, and lack of mutual respect that can easily overwhelm both young parents and children alike. The end result? Better behavior from our little ones and a happier, more comfortable household. And in the long run, Janet’s teachings also foster a deeper connection between parent and child.

We have tremendous respect for the work that Janet does, and we cannot recommend Janet’s Unruffled podcast more highly. The same goes for her book, No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame.

Zen Parenting Radio

Podcast #2: Zen Parenting Radio

A bit of calm amid the chaos

Cathy and Todd Adams approach parenting and everything they do with self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion, and connection. Their tagline is, “The best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding.” Zen Parenting Radio’s podcast encourages meaningful connections with kids at every age and stage of development. The topics may sometimes be serious, but the discussions are always funny, insightful, and inspirational.

UBut Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Podcast #3: But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Answers to satisfy inquiring little minds 

“But why?” is the sweet and familiar refrain of many a curious child. This Vermont Public Radio podcast answers real questions submitted via audio files from children across the country. Children learn about things like how noodles are made, why they have to go to school, and if skunks like their own smell. Answers are informative but always relayed in a way that young minds can understand.

Big Fat Positive

Podcast #4: Big Fat Positive 

A glimpse into the not-so-glamorous side of motherhood

Created by two friends who happened to be pregnant at the same time, Big Fat Positive is a fun and irreverent podcast addressing the real issues new parents face from birth plans to breastfeeding and sleep training to teething. Their honesty about mommy burnout and sleep deprivation will come as a welcome relief when you realize you’re not alone in this crazy journey that is parenthood. 

The Longest Shortest Time

Podcast #5: The Longest Shortest Time

Exploring the notion of the modern family 

The Longest Shortest Time podcast explores the concept of “family” from every imaginable angle, with all of the unique challenges and joys families of all types encounter. It’s equally fun, fascinating, and moving. Listeners will find stories that reflect their own personal experience in some ways, and others that expand their own notions of what it means to be a family. 

Brains On!

Podcast #6: Brains On!

Inspiring the budding scientist in your child

Brains On! is an award-winning science podcast for younger children (and curious adults.) Every week Molly Bloom and a different child co-host discuss topics like how elevators work and how spiders walk on walls. Brains On! superfans can join the online fan club and submit ideas and “mystery sounds” for commemoration on the infamous Brains Honor Roll.

Parenting Great Kids

Podcast #7: Parenting Great Kids

Practical tools for today’s parenting challenges 

Pediatrician and best-selling author, Dr. Meg Meeker, enlists a guest expert for each episode to guide parents with common challenges like helping children identify their feelings and setting and enforcing healthy boundaries. She also addresses the emotional needs of parents and guardians so they are better equipped to enjoy and embrace every stage of their child’s development.

First Class Fatherhood

Podcast #8: First Class Fatherhood

Men from all walks of life share their take on fatherhood

Father of four, Alex Lace, launched First Class Fatherhood in the spring of 2018. Nearly 290 episodes later, Lace has talked fatherhood with some of the most famous and accomplished dads of our time. From Hall of Fame athletes to decorated military veterans, every guest dad shares their own perspective on fatherhood in ways that will inspire and encourage the dad in your life.

Coffee + Crumbs

Podcast #9: Coffee + Crumbs

Advice and anecdotes to help women find the “Magic of Motherhood”

Coffee + Crumbs began as an online journal for mothers to share their stories and evolved into a podcast, an online community, and a book -- all with the same goal -- reminding every mother they are not alone and their story matters. With empathy and grace, the podcast covers practical tasks like laundry duty and household budgets and more weighty subjects like postpartum anxiety and depression. 

Little Stories for Tiny People

Podcast #10: Little Stories for Tiny People

Original stories for families to enjoy together

Written, produced, and performed by Rhea Pechter, the Little Stories for Tiny People podcast creates audio stories for little ones with big imaginations. The podcast is designed for parents, grandparents, babysitters, and children to listen together. Each episode includes a story that inspires children to dream big while gently encouraging self-worth and healthy coping skills in an age-appropriate way.

Story Time from Bedtime FM

Bonus Pick: Story Time from Bedtime FM

Short and sweet tales to keep your little ones engaged

If you’ve ever struggled to get your kids down to bed, or you’ve grown weary of long car rides with screaming kids, then this podcast is a life-saver. Delivered by a crew out of New Zealand, these short bedtime stories are sweet, soothing, and downright charming by virtue of the narrators’ lovely Kiwi accents. We listen to this podcast on long car rides and just before bedtime to help our children calm down and unwind.

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