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The 10 Best, Practical Housewarming Gifts in 2019

September 06, 2019

The 10 Best, Practical Housewarming Gifts in 2019

Written by Seraine Page

Home sweet home. 

There’s nothing like seeing your loved ones and friends settling into their new place. After the packing peanuts and cardboard boxes are gone, you’ll probably get a special invite to come see the place they call home.

When the invite comes, you’ll likely want to give them a practical housewarming gift that won’t collect dust or get thrown out, right?

Whether you’re looking for thoughtful or traditional gifts or even something fun for the not-so-practical bachelor, we’ve curated the list below so you don’t have to spend hours shopping online for the “perfect” housewarming gift.

Here are our top 10 picks:

Thoughtful New Home Gifts

Thoughtful gifts never go out of style. If you want to gift a little something that makes them smile every time they see it displayed or use it in their home, this is the category for you. Below are gifts that will certainly add to the aesthetics of their new home or make homeownership life easier. 

Dryden herb garden

1. Herb garden 

You can’t go wrong with this sweet little herb garden. It’ll look perfect on the new homeowner’s windowsill! Green thumbs can keep it indoors, too.

Where you’ll find it: Amazon for $49.95

Hello Fresh

2. Food subscription box

The gift of food is one that will never get turned down. They’ll be grateful to skip a week of takeout when you gift them a meal kit delivery service. Each box includes easy-to-follow recipes with all the necessary ingredients needed to enjoy a high-quality, healthy meal. If you really want to spoil them, purchase a green cookware set, too.

Where you’ll find it: HelloFresh; pricing varies by plan

Floral Fragrance Jars

3. Floral fragrance jars

These little jars add delicate beauty to any bathroom or bedroom shelf. The bits of nature in these glass jars are infused with real botanicals like spicy patchouli-infused cashmere vanilla base. The exotic scents will take homeowners afar, even if they never leave their beloved new place.

Where you’ll find it: Anthropologie starting at $28 

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

If you prefer to play it safe and get a traditional housewarming gift, that’s okay, too. These are a bit more creative than a bottle of wine or olive oil, but any of these options will certainly be appreciated by the recipient. 

Anthropologie Cheese Board

4. Cheese Board

Guests will ooh and ahh over this gift for years to come. This gorgeous agate cheese board is an award-winner for a reason -- it’s a show stopping centerpiece with agate stone that’s perfect for any wine and cheese night the homeowners host.

Where you’ll find it: Anthropologie for $78

Puracy Housewarming Set

5. Puracy Housewarming Set

Eco-friendly homeowners will want to start cleaning right away with this housewarming cleaning set that includes laundry detergent, stain remover, 2 dish soaps, 2 multi-surface cleaners, and 3 liquid hand soaps. Or if you’re on more of a budget, try our Home Cleaning Box. Both offer a subscribe and save option, so you can keep on giving all year long with these gift sets!

Where you’ll find it: starting at $19.98 for the Home Cleaning Box and $59.99 for the Housewarming Set

Glass Jar Candles

6. Glass Jar Candles

Most homeowners love a good candle, so you won’t disappoint with this limited edition cut glass jar candle made of coconut wax. If you know the color scheme of the new home, considering picking one of these glass candles to match. Eight color options are available, so you can mix and match as well. One for every room, perhaps?

Where you’ll find it: Anthropologie for $28

Housewarming Gifts for Bachelors

While bachelors may prefer the simple life, they’ll never turn down a good gift that brings a bit more manliness into the home. These gifts are guaranteed to be a hit for bachelors of any age. 

Home Brewing Beer Kit

7. Home Brewing Beer Kit

No bachelor pad is complete without a homebrew beer kit. With flavors and options as enticing as chocolate milk stout and gluten-free ale, they may even break it open and start brewing immediately.

Where you’ll find it: Amazon for $44.99

Traeger Grilling Accessories

8. Grill Set Accessories

If you know the new homeowner loves to grill, consider a grill accessory to add to their back porch cooking lair. Magnetic grill hooks, rubs, and a BBQ food tray will appease a man’s hunger and grilling desires any day of the week. You may even get an invite for dinner.

Where you’ll find it: Traeger starting at $9.99


9. Multi-tool

A 15-piece multi-tool can get just about any small repair done quickly. With useful tools like wire cutters, and needle nose and regular pliers, this butterfly tool may even get daily use. Any bachelor will want to have at least one of these on hand to tackle household repairs with efficiency and ease -- without having to lug around a heavy toolbox. 

Where you’ll find it: Lowe’s for $29.98

Ring Smart Doorbell

10. Smart Doorbell

For the techie bachelor in your life, consider giving their new home an immediate upgrade with a smart video doorbell like the Ring, which allows homeowners to answer their door from anywhere. It’s as easy to install as it is to use, too.

Where you’ll find it: Ring starting at $99

How Much Should I Spend on a Housewarming Gift?

You don’t want to exceed your budget, but a good rule of thumb is that the closer you are personally to the new homeowner, the more you’re likely to spend. You can expect to spend at a minimum $20 (for someone like a coworker) up to a few hundred dollars for a close relative like a sister.

Shop Housewarming Gifts from the Comfort of Your Home

Perhaps the best part of these gift options?

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home since these are all available online.

Even if your loved one lives hundreds of miles away, you can still bestow a wonderful gift upon them that will make it look like you spent hours shopping in stores figuring out what to get.

Try to get some details on the new home and keep in mind what the new space is like as you consider your gift; you won’t want to buy a product that may be too large. 

No matter who you’re buying for, you can’t go wrong with any of the gifts on this list. Here’s to happy housewarming gift shopping!