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Bergamot & Sandalwood: Two Scents that Go Great Together

July 26, 2019

Bergamot & Sandalwood: Two Scents that Go Great Together

The citrusy, vibrant fragrance of bergamot and the woodsy, soft smell of sandalwood are irresistible natural scents 

You may have smelled a candle containing the two fragrances, or maybe you’re an essential oil fan who mixes up your own elixirs. If you’ve never experienced bergamot and sandalwood together, it’s a soothing combination of citrusy and warm woodsy scents that are heavenly when mixed together. They balance each other out with the brighter tones of bergamot orange juxtaposed with the mellow, soft, and subtly sweet notes from sandalwood.

Both natural essential oils are often used in cosmetics, skincare products, and candles because of their pleasant aromas. We recently launched a new Puracy Natural Body Wash scented with Bergamot & Sandalwood essential oils, so let’s explore the benefits of these powerful plants.

Bergamot and Sandalwood

The positives of sandalwood in aromatherapy

Sandalwood is frequently used in perfumes, personal care products, and in Australia it is classified as therapeutic, available as an active ingredient in many non-prescription products. In addition, the oil has been commonly used for centuries by various cultures such as Indian culture, Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, and Ancient Egyptians also imported the wood and used it in medicine and in ritual burnings. Sandalwood oil is well known in modern times for its signature aroma, with “sweet, fragrant, persistent, spicy, warm, woody, animalic, milky and nutty notes,” according to this article from Current Science.

In recent years, the FDA has issued guidelines for the development of traditional medicines derived from plants, and these can receive approval as long as they are shown to be safe and effective. Several early small studies on Sandalwood oil have shown it to have anitinflammatory and antioxidant effects, along with some anti-microbial properties. In fact, several clinical trials looking at Sandalwood oil in the treatment of various skin disease have been attempted and one current trial is ongoing.

Bergamot oil benefits for the mind and skin

Bergamot is also found in both men’s and women’s personal care products, including toiletries, perfumes, and cosmetics. Bergamot oranges are citrus fruits, and their oil comes from being extracted from the rinds. Bergamot essential oil has a soothing, bright scent similar to other citrus fruits, and it’s often touted for its use as a calming tool in aromatherapy.

Puracy Natural Bergamot and Sandalwood Body Wash

The power of bergamot and sandalwood together

Both bergamot and sandalwood essential oils provide powerful natural qualities when used on in aromatherapy. Alone, they each show stress-reducing qualities—together, their rich, luxurious scents blend into a heavenly mix of bright, citrusy, woodsy, and smoky aromas.

It’s no wonder the two plants are so often combined in cosmetics and personal care products. If you haven’t experienced these lovely scents together, you can give them a try with a calming candle or a moisturizing natural body wash.

We recently launched a new Bergamot & Sandalwood scented Natural Body Wash. You can find it at, Amazon, and Target. With the incredible blend of fragrances and skin-boosting benefits, you’ll love this decadent body wash made of plant-based ingredients to enrich and moisturize the skin.

Puracy New Scent Survey Results

We also chose this new scent based on direct feedback from loyal customers like you. As you might remember, a few months ago we ran a survey and we asked our customers which new body wash scent you would like us to make.  Although several other strong contenders emerged, including Vanilla & Orange Peel, as well as Lavender & Pink Grapefruit, the ultimate winner of this survey was Bergamot & Sandalwood.

And for all of you Target fanatics out there, Target just started carrying all three of Puracy’s Natural Body Wash scents at most Target stores across the country, including Citrus & Sea Salt Coconut & Vanilla (New!), andBergamot & Sandalwood Visit this link to view all Puracy products at, or check out our store locator to find Puracy Natural Body Wash at a Target store near you.