Easy-to-Follow Habits for Super Healthy Hair

August 07, 2018

Easy-to-Follow Habits for Super Healthy Hair

Ever feel on top of the world thanks to a good hair day? A spring in your step here, a coy wink there. Imagine experiencing the perks of a good hair day every single day: That's the miracle of super healthy hair.

And while conventional practice would make you believe good hair is only attainable through extensive use of products and heat tools, we believe beauty is in the balance. At Puracy, our products work with every hair type to restore essential nutrients, bringing your mane back to its healthiest form—naturally.

Here's everything you need to know to get commercial-worthy hair, without the cringe-worthy chemicals...

Daily habits for naturally healthy hair:

"Lather, rinse and repeat"—it's standard protocol for daily shampooing, right? Turns out, more isn't always better. Most dermatologists actually recommend shampooing less often. That's because washing your hair too often can lead to scalp irritation, not to mention leave your hair dry and brittle. Cutting down on the frequency of your shampooing should leave your hair feeling softer and healthier.

Start by limiting your shampoos to every other day. Those with thicker, curly hair can get away with every couple of days; any oils naturally produced by the scalp travel down coarse hair at a slower pace. And no matter your texture, if you dye your hair, you'll doubly benefit from intermittent washing—doing so will mitigate the inevitable fading effects of overexposure to suds. Using lukewarm or cold water in lieu of hot will also prolong your dyed 'do. Why? Hot water opens up your cuticle and lets color escape.

If you have greasy or oily hair, washing less often may initially feel counterintuitive. But over-washing, especially with sulfate-based products, strips your hair of its natural oils. By reducing the frequency of your washes and switching to sulfate-free products like Puracy Natural Shampoo, your scalp will get the signal to produce less oil.

But do condition often, even sans shampooing. Conditioning keeps your hair moisturized, hydrated, healthy and shiny. (Psst: While other natural conditioners are notoriously hit-or-miss, we incorporated feedback from our customers to create a high-performing conditioner that's still toxin-free. Our plant-based emollients soften each follicle for an enriched, silky feel.)

If you can tolerate the icy blast, a cold-water hair rinse at the end of your shower can work wonders for creating a lustrous shine. The chilly H2O helps seal cuticles, which better reflects light—in other words, makes it shiny. We'd recommend testing this chilly move when it's hot outside!

When you hop out of the shower and wrap your locks in a cotton or terry towel, you're basically asking for frizz. Instead, gently pat your hair dry with a microfiber towel or a soft T-shirt. If you have the time, opt instead for air-drying—it's the least damaging route.

Of course, air-drying can feel like a time-consuming chore for anyone whose hair is past shoulder length. If that's you, use a towel or turban made of gentle microfiber instead.

Got knots? Rather than detangle them blindly, use a wide-tooth comb and work your way up from the bottom. It makes the combing process easier, and also means you'll shed less hair.

Blow-dry fanatics, take note: One simple trick will keep your tresses happy. Let your hair air-dry approximately 70-80%, then finish off with your plugin on the "cool" setting.

What about dry shampoo? In today's nonstop world, dry shampoo often provides a quick fix for those tight mornings. You know, when there's only five minutes to rinse off between the gym and a 9 AM commute. But conventional dry shampoos, especially in the aerosol form, are often formulated with butane, isobutene, and propane—which together create liquefied petroleum gas. The jury's out on the long-term effects of exposure to this highly flammable compound, but there are plenty of alternatives if you'd rather avoid exposure to conventional dry shampoo without sacrificing its convenience. 

Using naturally absorbent arrowroot powder to reduce hair grease is a practice dating back to the Victorian era, and it's a trick that still works today. Here's a great, simple DIY recipe for natural dry shampoo. If you have light hair, mix 1/4-cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (or a 50-50 mixture) with five drops of essential oil. If you have dark hair, add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to the mix. Apply to roots with a make-up brush as needed.

Weekly treatments for healthy hair:

Just like you, your hair needs a little bit of pampering. During your next self-care Sunday, why not test out a natural hair treatment?

Avocados aren't just for guac anymore—they also make an ultra-moisturizing hair mask. This recipe is a quick way to add some health to your hair. Mash up half an avocado, add a couple drops of essential oil (peppermint is always an invigorating choice). For thick or curly hair, you can add a bonus tablespoon of oil, egg yolk, or yogurt. After shampooing, squeeze any residual water out of your hair and apply the mask. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with water.

Another unconventional food product to apply to your hair? Apple cider vinegar. Devotees of the no 'poo movement swear by its conditioning properties. And while we can't speak to the efficacy of forgoing shampoo altogether, try swapping out your conditioner for one parts apple cider vinegar to two parts water to balance your pH levels—it might just leave your hair feeling surprisingly invigorated.

Or try a scalp massage—it's a touch of luxury best served while catching up on your Netflix queue. After shampooing, select your carrier oil based on your hair type (grape seed for normal, sesame oil for oily, and carrot oil for dry). Pour a quarter-sized amount into a small dish, then add the contents of two vitamin E capsules. Massage the oil from your roots to your ends, and rinse.

Miscellaneous tips for good hair health:  

If you are what you eat, the same goes doubly for your hair. You've heard the benefits of Omega-3s—turns out, they're extra advantageous for your locks. Fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines will help your hair reach its maximum fullness and shine. Another essential supplement is protein, which you can get by the spoonful with Greek yogurt.

Consider incorporating vitamins, too—some of the best vitamins for hair are B-Complex, iron, and vitamins C and D. In conjunction with a balanced diet, these vital supplements promote hair strength and health.

This goes doubly for children, who need vitamins and minerals to support their growth for both hair and body! Simply Natural, founded in 2017 by our co-founders here at Puracy, recently released a gummy vitamin for kids with 100% non-GMO ingredients. The gummies, which are vegan-friendly and free of all top allergens, have been specially formulated with 13 essential vitamins and minerals to support growth across kids' developing systems.

And speaking of growth, if you or your little ones have hair that grows quickly, trim any split ends on a monthly basis. Doing so stops splittage in its tracks, preventing damage from traveling up each strand.

Give your hair time to detox:  

If you're switching from conventional to natural hair products, give your tresses a full two weeks to adjust before you judge the results. This is especially important when transitioning away from shampoos and conditioners containing dimethicone.

Also known as polydimethylsiloxane, dimethicone is an oily, man-made silicone that artificially coats the skin, and in doing so, generally traps whatever's beneath it. It is most commonly used to make products glide on with a smoother finish, but doesn't provide any actual nourishment in the process. Its barrier actually inhibits skin from healthy functions like sweating and shedding, which typically causes buildup and breakouts.

It will take a few treatments to remove this pore-clogging substance—and once it's fully gone, your hair and skin may feel worse for a bit before they regain their natural, self-stabilizing luster.

Bottom line:

All Puracy products have been formulated with our customers' health in mind. Just like our top-performing conditioner, our natural shampoo for men and women effectively cleans without the use of dimethicone or harsh sulfates. Our coconut-based cleansers create rich, luxurious foam to hydrate and strengthen all hair types without causing long-term damage. Your hair will need time to adjust to a natural shampoo and conditioner, but after two weeks it should regain its strength.

By combining natural, effective products with these easy-to-follow tips, your strands will soon feel healthier, shinier, and stronger. Good hair days are just around the corner!

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