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How to Approach Businesses Reopening After COVID-19

For business owners it’s crucial to ensure that employees and essential workers go back to work safely. Discover how Puracy wholesale products can help.
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Whether you’re an essential workplace that’s been running continuously or reopening after a necessary closure, there’s never been a better time to make and/or update your hygiene contingency plans.

Puracy is determined to provide the best natural cleaning and care products to ensure the health of your employees, customers, and their families.

10 Ways to Ensure Employees and Essential Workers Go Back to Work Safely

As an employer, it’s vital to provide adequate safety and hygiene standards – but where should you start? In addition to CDC reopening advice, we’ve created a checklist that breaks down the best methods to care for employees inside – and outside – of the workplace.

care for employees checklist

Spread Out

If you have the space, ensure that people are kept at correct distances (at least 6 feet apart) from one another. Remember: The more people in a room, the higher the chances of viral spreading.

As a boss, it’s your duty to identify and mitigate risk factors like common areas, elevators, meeting rooms, desk arrangements, and ventilation upgrades. Consider introducing new adaptive measures like online meetings and the creation of new shifts.

We recommend regular employee/customer surveys to determine whether upgrades can be made and if requirements are adhered to.

Encourage Employees to Get Outside More

Natural sunlight is one of the best ways to increase vitamin D in the body. There’s already a strong link between respiratory infections and vitamin D deficiency, and healthcare and indoor workers are at a considerably higher risk.

When the weather’s nice, keep windows open in the morning. Not only does the sunlight boost vitamin D intake, but the increased air flow helps to flush things out.

Offer Working from Home Options

Due to the way COVID-19 spreads, a cramped workplace only increases risk. Obviously, the best way to maintain the health of your employees is to limit the amount of occupants at any one time.

While working-from-home strategies take time to adapt to, sick employees are a far more serious issue.

Require Masks and Provide Them to Employees

“Researchers emphasize there are two main reasons to wear masks. There's some evidence of protection for the wearer, but the stronger evidence is that masks protect others from catching an infection from the person wearing the mask. And infected people can spread the virus just by talking.” -NPR

correct face mask covering

Cloth masks are an eco-friendly option for stopping the spread of COVID-19. Due to their importance, masks should be provided to employees by management. Enough should be provided so employees can change them throughout the day to avoid contamination. After the end of each working day, management should offer to properly launder face masks. Our enzyme-based Natural Laundry Detergent has been designed and tested for the most sensitive skin. This ensures less irritation wherever masks sit.

Implement PPE Policies

In addition to cloth masks, offering – and implementing – a personal protection equipment strategy is crucial for businesses.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do your employees handle and exchange goods throughout the day?
  • Is your company customer-facing?
  • Do employees interact with clients inside or outside of the office?
  • Are employees required to wear protective equipment on their way to/from work?
  • Will your business provide protective equipment to employees?
  • If employees are responsible for providing their own equipment, which types are required?

Provide PPE Whenever Possible

provide face masks and glovesUnderstandably, the best way to ensure that employees use the correct PPE is by providing it yourself. In addition to masks, you may need to supply the following:

  • Gloves (due to allergies, non-latex varieties are best)
  • Eye protection
  • Disposable shoe covers (if not requiring workplace-only shoes)
  • Protective clothing (if not requiring workplace-only uniforms)

Keep Safe Distances Between Employees and Clients

If you’re a customer-facing business, it’s important to maintain safe distances between customers and employees. In addition to enforcing hand washing/sanitizing practices, wearing of face masks, and limiting the amount of people allowed in the business, consider installing plastic/PVC barriers and offering contactless payment options.

Provide Written Policies to Employees and Clients

When a PPE policy is developed, provide each employee with a written and/or emailed list of requirements. For clients, provide a printed list of requirements at each entrance, on your website, and on social media.

Upgrade Your HVAC Filters

Consider upgrading your HVAC filters to at least MERV13. The higher the number, the smaller the particles that are removed from the air. MERV13 HVAC filters are typically used in hospital inpatient and surgery wards.

Require Advance Appointments

Many companies’ policies have shifted to requiring advance notice from their clients and customers. This limits personal interaction and allows enough time to clean and sanitize after visits. While you may encounter some pushback from some people, most will be understanding of this need.

Include your appointment policy on a pre-recorded phone message, your website, social media accounts, and on your door.

Keep Hand Sanitizer at All Entry Points & High-Traffic Areas

Puracy strictly adheres to FDA rules and uses one of the only three FDA-approved ingredients for hand sanitizers: isopropyl alcohol. When used correctly, our hand sanitizer kills 99.9+% of germs.

nurses doctors puracy hand sanitizer

Encourage Proper Hand Sanitizing Technique

Keep hand sanitizer at every entrance, at reception, and next to communal equipment like coffee makers and printers.

Just like hand washing, there’s a simple technique that can be detailed in a printed sign next to each bottle of hand sanitizer:

  1. Pump a small amount into the palm of your hand.
  2. Next, spread the product thoroughly over both hands (front and back).
  3. Rub your hands together quickly for at least 15 seconds or until they are dry.

Provide Hand Soap

While our hand sanitizers are highly effective, the CDC maintains that the best way to remove germs from hands is with soap and water.

Frequent handwashing with petroleum-based products, however, can deteriorate the skin. Cracks in the epidermal layers can trap bacteria and pathogens, and using lotion after handwashing can actually spread germs much faster.

Puracy Hand SoapPuracy Gel Hand Soap washes away 99.9% of germs but leaves skin soft – no lotion needed. Best of all, purchasing our eco-friendly refill containers save you more than 20% per ounce while reducing plastic, water, and energy use by 90%.

Clean and Sanitize High-Touch Areas

Many businesses may be closed to the general public, but that doesn’t mean that regular cleaning and sanitizing won’t be a necessary part of your day. Focus especially on high-touch areas like light switches, countertops, door knobs, sanitizer and soap pumps, and buttons on electronics at least once a day. If you’re a high turnover business (like a restaurant or medical office), you’ll need to follow through on cleaning and sanitizing more often.

Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant

First, use a natural multi-purpose spray to thoroughly clean away as many germs as possible. Next, we recommend thoroughly dampening surfaces with Puracy Disinfecting Surface Cleaner. Ensure a dwell time of at least 10 minutes to thoroughly kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Wipe away using a clean microfiber cloth (which should then be laundered).

Implement Proper Dishwashing

If your business has a communal kitchen area, be sure that dishes are cleaned correctly using hot, soapy water.

Encourage Hand Washing

Since kitchen sponges are the germiest spot in any home, be sure to wash your hands before and after doing the dishes. Throw sponges away at least once a week to avoid spreading bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

Pro tip: An OXO dish brush with nylon bristles is a more sanitary option than a dish sponge.

Puracy Natural Dish Soap

After months of strict washing and sanitizing, hands need a gentler – but no less effective – dishwashing option. Our Natural Dish Soap is hypoallergenic, designed for sensitive skin, and is super concentrated (which means greater savings for businesses).

Use a Dishwasher Whenever Possible

When it comes to killing viruses and bacteria, dishwashers are incredibly effective. We recommend our Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs, which are the simplest way to ensure that glasses and dishes are left sparkling-clean.

Pro tip: If you’re considering disposable plates, avoid plastic and styrofoam items which create unnecessary environmental waste. Biodegradable plates and flatware are excellent, affordable options.

Encourage Employees to Protect Their Homes and Families

Employees might bring their A-game to the office, but they might also be taking harmful pathogens home with them. Encourage all employees to follow these rules after leaving for the day:

Checklist for avoiding COVID-19 at home

Puracy Gel Hand Sanitizer

To meet the increased demands for safe, effective hand sanitizing products, we created a non-sticky, non-drying, non-smelly 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer that meets key FDA & medical requirements for use as an antimicrobial against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Tested by medical professionals and designed for dozens of uses every day, this isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formula is loaded with plant-based moisturizers to keep skin extra-soft – even after eradicating 99.9% of germs. The economical, gallon-sized container is an excellent way to save money while ensuring the health and safety of your team.

Puracy Offers Custom Wholesale Packages for Businesses

This “new normal” is extremely hard to plan for. That’s why Puracy provides customizable subscription plans and a star team of customer service professionals to assist you with all of your wholesale business purchases – no trips to the store necessary.

Aside from PPE, Puracy is your one-stop shop for CDC-recommended hygiene and cleaning products.

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As a small company, we understand that your employees are like family. When you choose Puracy, you’re choosing trustworthy products that protect everyone from essential employees, workers with underlying health conditions, customers, clients, and your community.