Written by Lisa Truesdale. Reviewed by cleaning expert Sean Busch.

At Puracy, we believe the beautiful planet that we all call home needs (and deserves) special attention. That’s why we’ve always worked hard to create the most eco-friendly product packaging that we can.

To help reduce plastic packaging waste, we offer highly concentrated ready-to-use formulas, concentrates that you can easily mix with water at home, and 64-ounce refill pouches for many of our products (with many more planned).

We’re proud to be an industry leader in refill pouches, which use 90% less plastic, water, and energy when compared to the equivalent in regular plastic bottle packaging. Since we introduced them in 2016, our refill pouches have helped save more than 200 tons of plastic from entering the market.

Now, to help lighten our footprint (and yours) even further, we’re offering high-quality, reusable, 16-ounce glass bottles that you can use all around the home in conjunction with your Puracy cleaning supplies, and as stylish soap and lotion dispensers. Glass is longer-lasting and more eco-friendly than plastic, and it’s infinitely recyclable. You’ll appreciate these other features too:

Helps reduce waste

Eco-friendly materials

Dishwasher safe

Infinitely recyclable

  • Each refillable bottle comes with your choice of a pump insert (for lotions and soaps) or a sprayer insert (for cleaning products).
  • The pump and sprayer inserts twist to close.
  • You can also order your new bottle with a non-slip silicone sleeve that helps you get a firm grip and adds a little extra protection if the bottle drops.
  • The pump, sprayer, and silicone sleeve are all BPA-free.
  • When you’re ready to fill your glass bottle with a different product, just pop it in the dishwasher or rinse it out and it’ll be good as new.
  • If you’d like to label your glass bottles to avoid any confusion as to what’s inside, you can attach your own sticker or write on the bottle with a permanent marker. Permanent marker can be removed by putting the bottle in the dishwasher or using a little nail polish remover.
Glass is great.
  • Glass can be melted and made into new glass forever with no impact to quality.
  • Recycled glass is most often turned into new glass bottles, but is also used for solar panels, fiber optic cables, and wind turbines.
  • Glass is one of the most commonly recycled materials, and using it in the creation of new glass substantially reduces energy consumption.


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Puracy Reusable Glass Bottles

Best of all, our new 16-ounce glass bottles are an economical way to ensure that your favorite Puracy products are always handy in every room of your home. For instance, you can save money by purchasing a 16-ounce concentrate of Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner, diluting it according to the directions, and making enough full-strength cleaner to fill EIGHT of our 16-ounce glass bottles. You’ll always have a glass spray bottle of multi-surface cleaner within reach when you need to clean non-porous surfaces like glass, marble, stainless steel, chrome, floors, and more.

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Another example: With one money-saving 64-ounce refill pouch of Puracy Natural Stain Remover, you can fill FOUR glass bottles with this powerful formula and keep them where the pretreating of stains are most likely to occur -- like in the laundry room, near your clothes basket, in Baby’s room, and in the kitchen.

Thank you for helping Puracy be kind to the environment! You can find all of our concentrates and refills at this link. And, to learn more about our company’s extensive efforts to help the environment, read How Puracy Supports Local Charities, the Arts, and the Earth.