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From hand sanitizer, hand soap, disinfecting surface cleaner, body wash, and so much more. Everything is in stock and shipped fast directly to you from Puracy, the #1-rated natural cleaning & care brand.

Save 20% On Everything


My daughter has high histamine and allergy issues. This is one of the best products for those with highly sensitive skin, the volume of cleaning power is evident with the smallest amount of Puracy. Highly Recommend!

image of Kalia



I love this. It is LITERALLY the only thing I've used that has been able to remove mulberry stains from fabric and I wasn't even trying to remove them. One use and GONE! Incredible!

image of Vanessa C

Vanessa C


I’m thrilled to have finally found a chemical-free, safe, gentle soap that ALSO smells amazing. Works wonderfully. I use this and my family has never looked/smelled better.

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Developed by doctors, trusted by families.

From the beginning, we wanted to craft the most natural, safe, and effective cleaning & care items possible. That’s why we partnered with chemists, doctors, and experts to find solutions that are gentle on your family & surfaces, tough on dirt & grime, and safe for those with allergies and the most sensitive of skin.

Highly rated by millions.

We've earned our clean reputation over many years and millions of families served. For over six years, we've been humbled by tens of thousands of glowing reviews, plus hundreds of awards.

Highly reviewed
8+ million sold
#1 on Amazon
Highly awarded

Save 20% on cleaners

Home care has never been better, cleaner, or safer. Save huge on cleaners & disinfectants for your home.

Natural Stain Remover
Free & Clear

$8.99  $7.19 ($0.20/fl oz)$17.98  $14.38 ($0.40/fl oz)$21.99  $17.59 ($0.49/fl oz)

Plant-based power

From sustainably-harvested coconuts to common vegetables, the 100% biodegradable ingredients inside each bottle of Puracy Laundry Detergent clean better, are safe for gray water & septic systems, and are naturally hypoallergenic, plant-powered, gluten-free, vegan, and Certified Cruelty-Free.


Save 20% on body wash

What does on the skin goes in the skin. Help your body stay clean inside & out, while keeping your skin hydrated & renewed.

Natural Body Wash
Citrus & Sea Salt

$34.98  $27.98 ($0.78/fl oz)$9.99  $7.99 ($0.22/fl oz)$24.99  $19.99 ($0.56/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$44.98  $35.98 ($1.00/fl oz)$32.99  $26.39 ($0.73/fl oz)$23.98  $19.18 ($0.53/fl oz)$11.99  $9.59 ($0.27/fl oz)$4.99  $3.99 ($0.11/fl oz)$34.98  $27.98 ($0.78/fl oz)$9.99  $7.99 ($0.22/fl oz)$24.99  $19.99 ($0.56/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$44.98  $35.98 ($1.00/fl oz)$32.99  $26.39 ($0.73/fl oz)$23.98  $19.18 ($0.53/fl oz)$11.99  $9.59 ($0.27/fl oz)$38.23  $30.58 ($0.85/fl oz)$32.99  $26.39 ($0.73/fl oz)$19.18  $15.34 ($0.43/fl oz)$9.59  $7.67 ($0.21/fl oz)

Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
Citrus Grove

$34.98  $27.98 ($0.78/fl oz)$9.99  $7.99 ($0.22/fl oz)$24.99  $19.99 ($0.56/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$45.98  $36.78 ($1.02/fl oz)$32.99  $26.39 ($0.73/fl oz)$12.99  $10.39 ($0.29/fl oz)$25.98  $20.78 ($0.58/fl oz)$4.99  $3.99 ($0.11/fl oz)

Daily Face & Body Lotion
Fragrance Free

$27.98  $22.38 ($0.62/fl oz)$13.99  $11.19 ($0.31/fl oz)$4.99  $3.99 ($0.11/fl oz)

Organic Baby Lotion
Lavender & Grapefruit

$27.98  $22.38 ($0.62/fl oz)$13.99  $11.19 ($0.31/fl oz)$3.99  $3.19 ($0.09/fl oz)$9.99  $7.99 ($0.22/fl oz)

Never any “Bad Stuff”

We don't cut corners, use overpowering fragrances, or use dyes. You’ll never find the following in any Puracy product: sulfates (e.g. SLS, SLES, SCS), caustics, phosphates, phthalates, animal byproducts, dyes, chlorine, allergens, optical brighteners, perfumes, chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, and more.

No Bad Stuff
Made by Doctors

Save 20% on hand soap

Hand washing. So hot right now. Use hand soap crafted to destroy germs, yet keep hands soft with frequent use.

Natural Gel Hand Soap
Lavender & Vanilla

$12.99  $10.39 ($0.29/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$22.99  $18.39 ($0.51/fl oz)$23.96  $19.17 ($0.53/fl oz)$12.99  $10.39 ($0.29/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$22.99  $18.39 ($0.51/fl oz)$20.37  $16.30 ($0.45/fl oz)$22.99  $18.39 ($0.51/fl oz)$19.17  $15.34 ($0.43/fl oz)$5.99  $4.79 ($0.13/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)

Natural Foaming Hand Soap
Lavender & Vanilla

$28.98  $23.18 ($0.64/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$22.99  $18.39 ($0.51/fl oz)$28.98  $23.18 ($0.64/fl oz)$19.99  $15.99 ($0.44/fl oz)$22.99  $18.39 ($0.51/fl oz)$17.97  $14.38 ($0.40/fl oz)$17.97  $14.38 ($0.40/fl oz)$5.99  $4.79 ($0.13/fl oz)

70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer
Citrus & Sea Salt

$21.58  $17.26 ($0.48/fl oz)$35.99  $28.79 ($0.80/fl oz)$9.58  $7.66 ($0.21/fl oz)$7.19  $5.75 ($0.16/fl oz)$2.39  $1.91 ($0.05/fl oz)


Love this cleaner. You know the product is the real deal and does contain what it says. It disinfects very well and can be used on all surfaces. Made my kitchen smell nice and clean!

image of Connie P

Connie P


I love everything Puracy and this product is no different. I have used it on all surfaces from stone to mirrors and windows. Leaves no residue just a clean surface.

image of Melissa



I enjoy your natural products very much. My daughter introduced me to you some time ago. Her youngest daughter has several allergies and Puracy is her go to product for safety.

image of Kay M

Kay M

Save 20% on dish soap

Eating at home more often? The sink is not a dish cabinet. Cut through the toughest old gunk without needing gloves.

Natural Dish Soap
Green Tea & Lime

$6.99  $5.59 ($0.16/fl oz)$17.97  $14.38 ($0.40/fl oz)$17.99  $14.39 ($0.40/fl oz)$20.99  $16.79 ($0.47/fl oz)$17.97  $14.38 ($0.40/fl oz)$17.99  $14.39 ($0.40/fl oz)$20.99  $16.79 ($0.47/fl oz)$14.38  $11.50 ($0.32/fl oz)$20.99  $16.79 ($0.47/fl oz)$6.99  $5.59 ($0.16/fl oz)$17.99  $14.39 ($0.40/fl oz)

Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs
Free & Clear

$31.98  $25.58 ($0.71/fl oz)$15.99  $12.79 ($0.36/fl oz)

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From dishes, laundry, surfaces, & stains, to dirty bodies & babies, we're a natural remedy for the messy anything.