9 Reasons Why People Love
Puracy’s Natural & Organic Cleaning Products

In just a few short years, more than one million Americans have made the switch
to natural and organic cleaning products made by Puracy.
Read below to find out why this tiny company from Austin, Texas
has quickly gained such a loyal following.
1. They make high-quality natural cleaners
that actually work -- really well.
Puracy gathers feedback from tens of thousands of customers, Ph.D.
chemists, medical doctors and other specialists and uses it to optimize
even the smallest details so their products perform flawlessly in your
household. This relentless pursuit of quality helps Puracy do something
no other soap company has done before -- make natural and organic
products that work BETTER than the harsh chemical cleaners your parents
2. They're among the highest-rated
natural cleaning products on the market.
With an overall score of 4.6 and more than 15,000 5-star reviews (and
counting), Puracy has quickly become one of the most loved and
respected natural & organic brands in America. Customers appreciate
how well the products work, and they love the company’s sustainable, eco-
friendly mission.
3. Unique, original scents that smell great.
From Citrus & Sea Salt, to Green Tea & Lime, to Lavender & Vanilla and
many others, Puracy comes in a variety of unique scents that smell
absolutely amazing. And for those with sensitive skin or allergies, Puracy
also offers a host of free & clear options.
4. They look awesome!
The days of hiding ugly cleaning products in the back of your cupboard
are over. All Puracy products feature a chic, clean, modern design,
highlighted by original hand-drawn artwork on the front panel. The
artwork helps support local artists, and it showcases the pure, raw beauty
of the natural ingredients you’ll find in every bottle of Puracy.
5. This tiny company is winning awards.
"Best All-Purpose Cleaner" - The New York Times
"Best Bathroom Cleaning Products" - Business Insider
"Best Baby Skincare Products for 2018" - the BUMP
"Best Dish Soap" - Business Insider
"Safe for the Family and the Environment" - NBC
6. A better choice for your family, the environment, and the community.
Puracy products are plant-based, non-toxic, and safe to use around kids
and pets. And for every purchase, the company makes a donation to local
children and families that are less fortunate. To date, the company has
donated more than 15,000 products to countless charities including The
Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Austin Children’s Shelter, and more.
Puracy is passionate about its mission, and so are the people whose lives
have been positively impacted by it.
7. Boutique quality products at affordable
You won’t find Puracy at most local retailers. Instead, the company sells
direct to consumers, cutting out the middleman. The end result? Award-
winning natural & organic formulas with the savings passed on to you.
8. They're risk-free to purchase.
Puracy takes the risk out of buying online -- with free shipping, same-day
customer service, and a free 90-day return policy. If you aren’t 100%
satisfied for any reason, then they’ll refund every penny. And you’ll never
hassle with returns, shipping labels, or any of that nonsense. You’ll get a
full refund AND keep every product you received -- no questions asked.
9. A more convenient way to "go green".
If you’re like most Americans, you already use things like hand soap, body
wash, all purpose cleaner, shampoo, and lotion every day. Why not
upgrade to better quality, more natural products AND get them shipped
right to your front door when you need them? More than one million
customers -- from first-time buyers to natural cleaning product experts --
have already switched over to Puracy. Why not do the same?
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Over 2 Million Bottles Sold

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