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Infinity Glass Bottles

Infinity Glass Bottles

Ditch the plastic. With infinity uses around the house, these 16oz bottles look great stationary for soap and are light & versatile for home cleaning. Built strong to last, proudly made in the USA.

Pump is only compatible with liquid soap, not foaming soap.

45 reviews


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Ditch the plastic for good.

infinity glass bottles

Do more with your bottles

We’re proud to leave a gentler footprint on the planet, from our 100% recyclable packaging to our biodegradable products produced from renewable, plant-derived ingredients.

We want you to use less & spend less, which is why we offer concentrated formulas that can save up to 85% in plastic, water, and energy (compared to the non-concentrated counterparts) while our #7 recyclable refill pouches save 90%.

These efforts have helped us save over 300 tons of plastic from entering our environment. But there’s always more we can do: With infinitely reusable glass bottles, we’ll both be able to save even more plastic from ever being created in the first place.

Helps reduce waste
Eco-friendly materials
Dishwasher safe
Infinitely recyclable

Glass is great

Glass can be melted and made into new glass forever (with no impact on quality). Recycled glass is most often turned into new glass bottles, but is also used for solar panels, fiber optic cables, and wind turbines.

Plus, glass is one of the most commonly-recycled materials, and using it to create new glass substantially reduces energy consumption.

Glass is great

Versatile & durable.

Infinity uses to infinity

The Infinity Glass Bottle was built to last. It works stationary as a soap dispenser or around the house for fighting messes where they occur. Keep one bottle on hand for removing stains, another sitting by the washing machine with detergent, and one at the diaper station with our Organic Baby Lotion.

Use after use, refill after refill, the durable (and stylish) glass bottle will timelessly blend into any decor.

Infinity uses to infinity

Infinite uses
Infinitely refillable
Pump or sprayer

Sprayer & Pump

Our glass bottles are for more than just spraying our natural cleaners: With refill pouches for hand soap, dish soap, surface cleaner, stain remover, shampoo, & more, each bottle comes with a durable closure option of a pump for liquid soaps or a sprayer for cleaners.

Note: Pump only works with liquid soap, not our foaming soap.

Non-slip grip & protection

Fitting perfectly snug over the glass bottle's base, the optional 100% BPA-free silicone sleeve provides an extra layer of protection for your bottles. The durable silicone helps wick moisture and keep the bottle firmly in place on the most used & damp countertops.

Non-slip grip & protection

Infinity Glass Bottles

Based on 45 reviews
★★★★★ Reviewed on 12/12/05/01/2020

Awesome Bottles
These are great bottles to add to your cleaning supplies. Not only are the more eco-friendly, but they are extremely sturdy. I expect to have these for years to come.
-Aaron P.