Written by Tenley Haraldson. Reviewed by Sean Busch.

We’ve always known that we wanted to add a natural deodorant to the Puracy line, but we also knew that we couldn’t rush perfection. To meet our company’s strict standards, the R&D process alone took more than a year – longer than any of our other products. 

The result? Puracy Natural Deodorant glides on smoothly, lasts at least 8 hours, and doesn’t clump. Discover how we did it. 

What Is a Natural Deodorant?

Aluminum is often used in antiperspirants and “dual” (deodorant-antiperspirant) products to reduce wetness. They do this by blocking sweat glands and restricting odor-causing bacteria. 

Natural deodorants don’t contain aluminum, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, artificial fragrances, and many avoid using baking soda, too. Their purpose is to simply deodorize sweat and combat smells. 

For the past few years, there’s been a massive shift towards aluminum-free deodorants and antiperspirants, mainly due to potential toxicity. While these fears have mostly been proven to be unfounded, Puracy always opts for plant-based, gentle, and effective ingredients  – and that’s certainly no different from our aluminum-free deodorant.  

How We Created a Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

Though Puracy might be a little late to the natural deodorant game, we don’t view our entrance as a hindrance. In fact, this extra time gave our R&D team insight into where our competition was lacking – and how to create the best natural deodorant on the market.

Puracy deodorant

1. Researching the Competition

It’s no secret that we take all Puracy reviews into account to make product improvements. To determine where we could improve on our deodorant formula, we viewed thousands of our competitors’ customer reviews and kept coming back to the same pros and cons of natural deodorants: 

common pros and cons natural deodorant

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2. Providing Smooth Application

When we read feedback that natural deodorant causes armpit pain (from hair being pulled out due to friction), we knew that we had to do better than our competitors. Our incredibly smooth blend of botanicals, emollients, and plant-based propanediol were designed to glide along the skin.

Using these reviews, our highly-trained chemistry staff worked to create a clear, solid gel stick that not only lasted a long time but also provided a smooth, uniform application. 

3. Getting the Right Consistency

More people opt for a white, waxy deodorants because they tend to last a bit longer than their gel counterparts. But we’re all familiar with embarrassing white residue clumping under arms or rubbing off on clothing. White, waxy sticks also tend to have much higher friction (which can pull on skin and underarm hair).

is natural deodorant worth it

The bulk of ingredients in stick deodorants aren’t necessarily deodorizers but carriers that glide along the skin and cling to sweat glands. To do this effectively and for long periods of time, deodorants typically utilize manmade ingredients like dimethicone or silicone. 

4. Finding Odor Protection That Lasts 

We knew that an essential oil deodorant could be effective. In fact, our Citrus & Sea Salt and Coconut & Vanilla scents received excellent reviews from Puracy team members, our families, and friends...but they weren’t 100% effective for more than 4 hours. Obviously, the original carrier formula wasn’t strong enough to last on skin for a substantial amount of time.

Since most natural deodorants struggled with the same issue, we reached out to Itaconix for a lasting solution. This small R&D center develops plant-derived and plant-based ingredients in personal care and home products. They’d already helped us find the missing ingredient (LexFeel N5) in our Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, and we knew they were up to the task for finding a long-lasting, plant-based solution that extended the life of our deodorant. 

The Missing Ingredient In Our Deodorant 

Itaconix recommended trying sodium zinc polyitaconate, a natural odor blocker that’s clinically-proven to be a safe and effective solution for sensitive skin. After thoroughly reviewing their clinical data, we incorporated sodium zinc polyitaconate into our formula. The results? Three simple swipes (“up, down, up”) and every customer got at least 8 hours of odor protection. In many cases, odor protection went up to 14 hours. 

We’ve Created the Best Natural Deodorant

Puracy deodorant reviews

No stains, no residue, no clumping, no pulling, no build-up – just the perfect amount applied evenly and smoothly, every time. We firmly believe that our Natural Deodorant does everything you expect a regular deodorant to do. 

For maximum efficacy, however, we recommend using this product for at least two weeks. With our 100% Pure Love Guarantee, what have you got to lose?