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Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Most powerful natural pet stain & odor remover. 30x the active enzymes, 10x the uses per bottle.



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Natural pet line

Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Accidents aren’t forever.

Don’t let something temporarily terrible turn into a forever fixture on your floor. Eliminate the root of the odor & the stain itself with our concentrated, naturally-derived, non-toxic stain & odor fighter.

So powerful, pets won’t recognize where the last landmine fell. And with plant-based ingredients, it’s safe for pets, you, your surfaces, and your sensibilities.

Certified Cruelty Free

Plant-based ingredients

Powerful stain removal

Powerful odor elimination

Concentrated stain & odor elimination.

Cleaning up a mess shouldn’t be a physical activity so rigorous that it activates your fitness tracker. Fed up with the unsung Olympic sport of scrubbing on your hands & knees, we made a pet stain & odor eliminator that is beyond professional strength and does the heavy lifting for you.

31% of our natural formula is active stain & odor-fighting plant-based enzymes, packing over 800% the power per ounce of other pet stain removers. This means it takes fewer sprays to work better, requires less scrubbing, and one bottle lasts over 10 times as long. Now that’s neat.

Concentrated stain & odor elimination.

Help for repeat offenders.

Stains & odors aren’t masked with a temporary fragrance, they are obliterated at the source. Even for those gifted with a highly sensitive sense of smell, there will be no trace of anything familiar left behind.

No matter if it’s urine, feces, vomit, hairballs, drool, or other unsavory messes, the habitual offenders who turn innocent accidents into mischievous bad habits won’t be able to locate the scene of the crime. This helps deter the next offense, and protects the peace at home.

Help for repeat offenders.

Guaranteed plant-powered performance.

With all this stain & odor fighting power comes great responsibility. We’ve served hundreds of thousands of people for years with the best & most well-reviewed naturally-derived cleaning & care items on the planet.

In everything we create, we use only carefully-sourced, naturally-derived, non-toxic ingredients & botanicals. And not just non-toxic to humans, but to all members of your family — pets always included.

Money-back guarantee

Safe & hypoallergenic

No parabens, sulfates, & more

Vegetarian & vegan safe

Made by PhD chemists

Made in the USA

Made for the challenges of all pets.

We use an unfairly strong mix of plant-based enzymes to do the tough job of safely & aggressively breaking down the proteins found in pet accidents & messes. Even traditionally stubborn (and pungent) soils, like cat urine, are able to be gently erased from your surface & senses.

To help make the act of removal a little less of a tedious chore, the spray is low-foam for fast drying and lightly scented with essential oils.

Made for the challenges of all pets.

Safe for your surfaces.

There’s no caustic or harsh chemicals like bleach, only naturally-derived ingredients specifically designed to target the cause of the stain itself & all odor. This means it’s safe to use on your carpet, rugs, mats, bed mattresses & sheets, towels, upholstery, countertops, and more.

Safe for your surfaces.