Learn all about water, including how it's made, and why Puracy uses water in our products.

The 30 Days of Cleaning with Puracy

  • Derived from: water
  • Pronunciation: (\ˈwȯ-tər\)
  • Type: Natural

What Is Water?

Water is a dilutant derived from hydrogen and oxygen. It is clear, odorless and tasteless, and it is essential for most animal and plant life.[1]

What Does Water Do in Our products?

Water disperses other ingredients in our products and helps create the right texture and feel. It is also a skin conditioner and cleaning agent.[2,3] It is found in virtually all cosmetic and personal care products, including lotions, cleansers, makeup, deodorant, oral products, hair care products, shaving products, sunscreen and many other items.[4,5]

Why Puracy Uses Water

We use water in several of our products as a dilutant. Whole Foods deems it acceptable in its body care and cleaning products.[8,9] Water is typically not a strong skin irritant or sensitizer, though contaminants, prolonged exposure and other factors can have an effect.[10,11]

How Water Is Made

Water is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. It constitutes the Earth’s oceans, but freshwater is also present in lakes, rivers, streams, and underground. The cosmetics industry often uses distilled or purified water in its formulations.[6] Distilled water is produced by boiling, evaporating and then cooling the vapor until it condenses. Distillation is a type of water purification method. Other purification methods include ultraviolet filtration, ceramic filtration, solar purification, as well as other techniques.[7]


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