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A home that's fit for a queen.

A home that's fit for a queen.

Discover safe, plant-based cleaners that effectively cut through the gunk to turn every home into a sparkling palace. No harsh chemicals needed.


Non-toxic cleaners for a safer, cleaner home.

Hand Soap, Sanitizer, & Care

Gentle cleansers leave your hands naturally clean without soapy residue.

COVID-19 Updates

Regular soap and water help protect from pathogens like the Coronavirus.

Viruses like the Coronavirus are made up a fatty outer layer of lipids. Regular soap molecules are comprised of two parts that work to pry apart those lipids. The first part of soap easily bonds to water, and the second part pushes away from water and easily bonds to oils and fats. One part of the soap can bond to the fatty layer of these pathogens, and the other part bonds to the water, helping to break apart dirt, grease, and these viruses. As you rinse, it washes the pieces down the drain.

Regular soap and water help protect from pathogens like the Coronavirus.
Hand Care Box

Everything you need to get your hands clean and keep them soft. With support for multiple bathrooms, the kitchen, diaper stations, and more.


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Plants & minerals break down tough dirt. No gloves needed.

Baby Dishwashing Box

The best possible collection of natural, safe, & effective baby & child dish cleaning.


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Concentrated & powerful plant-based detergent for all skin types.

Laundry Care Box

Get ready to dominate any laundry woe that comes your way with pure cleaning and stain-fighting power.


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Baby Laundry Care Box

The ultimate collection of plant-based magic tricks to rescue & renew your favorite baby garments.


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Your temporary, royal retreat for golden silence.


The best cleaning accessories for maximum dirt collection and surface protection.