What safe means to us

We believe in transparency when it comes to our product labels and our marketing. Our labels clearly outline every ingredient within each Puracy product — nothing more, nothing less.


Naturally derived




Gentle on skin


No Bad Stuff

After reading through customer surveys, testimonials, and voluntary standards from various organizations (NPA, EWG, Whole Foods Eco Scale, etc.), we put together our own definition of the term "safe” since a formal definition from a governing body does not exist. In doing so, our goal is to help you make a well-informed decision as to whether our products are the right choice for you.

For Puracy, a “safe product” means that it is safe to use as directed and will not cause permanent personal harm if overused or consumed.

For your family

On a human level, this could mean that if you consumed our laundry detergent it would mean a really bad day of gastrointestinal issues. You might have some temporary loss of taste and minor burning sensation in your mouth and throat because the surfactants temporarily removed your mucous. But, these would subside, the mucous would return, and there would be no long term effects.

On the same note, if you used laundry detergent to wash your body, you might have some minor skin reactions and dryness because of the surfactant and enzyme concentration, but these would subside and there would be no long-term effects.

For your home & pets

On a non-human level, overusing our products on surfaces that can get wet is safe, unless otherwise stated. For instance, you could use our dish soap to wash your car or not have a worry if you spill dish soap all over the floor. You could not soak your silk tie in a bucket of stain remover for a week; the enzymes would break down and damage the silk fibers.

On a pet level, we do not test on animals. That said, pets are part of our family and we research every ingredient used to ensure there is no potential harm to them. Therefore, the same rules apply as above – if you spill dish soap on your dog, simply rinse off. If your cat punctures the laundry detergent refill pouch, simply rinse off (be careful with this one!).

For the planet

On an environmental level, we procure ingredients into our final formulations that break down in the environment in a month or less. This is especially notable in our conditioner and lotion – two products that are silicone and dimethicone-free: a rarity for these product categories.