laundry detergent companies

What Laundry Detergent Companies Aren't Telling You

Laundry detergent companies are notorious for using certain active ingredients, wasting resources, & keeping plenty of secrets from the public.
The Relationship Between Mental Health & Cleanliness

The Relationship Between Mental Health & Cleanliness

Here, we discuss the link between cleanliness and psychology, as well as small, actionable steps that can help keep homes tidier during times of stress.
acidfied body wash

Why You Should Be Using pH Balanced Body Wash

Looking for the right pH balanced soap? Learn about base and acidic body wash – and how Puracy formulas are designed to improve skin and scalp health.
organic lotion
baby lotion

Why Organic Lotion Is Essential for Healthy Skin

We all know about the benefits of body lotion, but discover why organic body lotion could hold the secrets to healthier skin.
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Super Soft Hands Are at Your Fingertips

Tired of cracked, irritated skin and unhealthy cuticles? Discover how to get soft hands with these natural home treatments and natural products!
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Shower Routine Steps & Products for Healthy Skin

How you shower matters. So if you're seeking glowing skin, don't miss out on these derm-approved shower routine steps & products!
what are phthalates used for

Are Phthalates Safe?

Known as "the everywhere chemical", discover how to identify phthalates in products and what current research says about potential dangers.
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How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair – Naturally

Looking for ways to get rid of oily hair? These natural methods prevent greasy hair and give you the gorgeous tresses you deserve!
dirtiest places in your home
disinfecting surface cleaner

How to Clean the Dirtiest Places in Your Home

The dirtiest places in your home may surprise you: Learn how to eradicate biofilm on clothes, carpets, & more –and which natural bacteria killers to use!