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what are phthalates
Are Phthalates Harmful and Should I Use Them?

What are phthalates and where are they found? Discover the dangers of phthalates and why natural cleaners and cosmetics are a safer choice for your family.

are parabens bad
Are Parabens Bad? Should I Be Worried?

Are parabens safe? Can they cause allergic reactions (or worse)? Our physician-reviewed article reviews how to spot – and avoid – these synthetic chemicals. 

puracy hand sanitizer
How to Use Hand Sanitizer Properly

With the rise of Coronavirus cases, it's crucial to learn how to sanitize your hands correctly. That's why we've compiled all of your FAQs into one article.

puracy natural deodorant
How (and Why) Puracy Natural Deodorant Was Developed

You can't rush perfection: From research to launch, discover how Puracy created (what we believe) is the best natural deodorant on the market today.

Why Organic Body Lotion Is Essential for Healthy Skin
Why Organic Body Lotion Is Essential for Healthy Skin

We’ve all heard about the benefits of using body lotion, but what's so different about organic lotion? With our dermatologist-approved article, discover the secrets to healthier skin.

shower routine
Shower Routine Steps to Improve Skin Health

Healthy skin starts with the best shower routine. Apply these expert shower routine tips to get rid of dull textures and reveal glowing, radiant skin!

how to keep hair healthy in winter
Tips to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy This Winter

Dry skin in winter getting you down? Tired of frizzy flyaways in the colder months? Our tips make it easy to maintain healthy winter skin and hair!

Flu Season: Tips for Staying Healthy in 2021
Flu Season: Tips for Staying Healthy in 2021

With influenza and COVID-19 cases expected to spread this fall and winter, it’s vital to know how to protect you and your family with preventative measures.

Why Should I Use pH-Balanced Body Wash, Shampoo, & Conditioner?
Why Should I Use pH-Balanced Body Wash, Shampoo, & Conditioner?

There are plenty of reasons to switch to natural pH-balanced body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Learn how we’ve designed Puracy products to improve skin and hair health.

how to use body wash
How to Use Body Wash: 3 Tips Everyone Needs to Know

How much body wash should you use? The answer may surprise you. Keep reading our dermatologist-reviewed article to discover what you need to know about using body wash.

how to restore skin ph balance
Discover How to Balance Your Skin pH – Naturally

Dry or oily skin getting you down? Discover why skin pH is important – and how Puracy products can help you to balance skin pH.

household germs
The Most Virus- and Germ-Laden Spots in Your Home (and How to Clean and Disinfect Them)

With COVID-19, it's never been more important to keep your home clean. Discover where germs and bacteria are lurking – and how to eradicate them!