natural haircare habits
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How to Get Healthy Hair Naturally at Home

Tired of fads and products that promise healthier, shinier tresses – and don’t work? These 15 natural healthy hair tips work for all hair types!
how often should you wash your hair
hair care

Is It Healthy to Wash Your Hair Everyday?

Is it healthy to shampoo your hair every day? Discover simple ways to develop a healthy hair washing schedule with the right products and techniques.
are parabens bad
body lotion

Are Parabens Bad for You?

Are parabens bad? Discover more about paraben safety – and why Puracy pledges never to use these synthetic chemicals in our entire product lineup.
how to use body wash
body wash

How to Use Body Gel & Body Wash

Can you use body wash as a bubble bath or shampoo? How much should you use and where? It turns out there’s definitely a right way to apply shower gel!
how to balance skin pH
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Expert Tips to Restore Skin pH – Naturally

If dermatological conditions are getting you down, here's everything you need to know about balancing skin pH for lasting, radiant results.
tips for healthy skin and hair
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Natural Tips to Beat Dry Skin & Hair This Winter

Suffering from a wind chapped face or frizzy flyaways? Don't miss these simple & natural tips for healthy skin and hair this winter!
gentle natural eczema
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Home Remedies for Sensitive & Eczema-Prone Skin

Looking for gentle, natural eczema relief? Our dermatologist-recommended remedies for sensitive skin help soothe and treat issues at the source.
flu prevention tips

Flu Prevention Tips This Season

With influenza season upon us, we wanted to share some simple flu prevention tips to help protect you and your family.