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Messy Refills?

Meet Clean Can.

CANcel plastic with the first and only cleaning system to utilize infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.

Simply CRACK, SNAP, & TWIST to refill and get back to CLEANING in 10 seconds (or less)!

Why Clean Can

Infinitely recyclable

Aluminum is 6x more recyclable and weights 2-3x less than single-use plastic bottles.*

Engineered to last

Our CLEAN CAN System made from non-toxic PET/E is designed for years of daily use. We also found the best sprayer ever. Trust us, it's perfect.

Trusted Natural Power

Formulated with over 98.5% clean, plant-powered ingredients in a new sustainable format.

Easier, faster, and cleaner.

No more messy refills, complicated concentrate measurements, or time wasted as the tablet dissolves. 100% ready-to-use. 0% plastic. The fastest refill ever.

The Reviews Are In

"Just crack open the inner can filled with cleaning fluid, screw on the spray attachment, and you’re ready to clean"

"Beyond being simply an interesting design, the aluminum can is 100% recyclable and fitted in a reusable bottle to help reduce your carbon footprint"

"It looks like a trendy bottle of seltzer but fits directly into its reusable spray bottles. When you run out, simply recycle and replace with another"

"Puracy's Clean Can takes the hassle out of refilling your favorite cleaning products with its seamless cartridge system. Simply open the tab on the refill can, snap it into the spraying mechanism, and start cleaning with easy."

"This plant-powered product is a real miracle in a can–and you honestly won’t even be tempted to buy another toxic surface cleaner again once you get your hands on this"

Eco Friendly

Made in US


Cruelty Free