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Important updates on Coronavirus • Experiencing delays

COVID-19 Updates

Updated Mar 21, 2020

Keep calm & wash hands

This is an unprecedented situation & response by families, companies, communities, and governments — all individuals with their own families.

We're all suddenly reminded of the importance of good hygiene. We are all being asked to stay further apart, right when we need to be closer together. But let's all do our part.

Life isn't all about shopping right now. You should get what you need, but make sure to leave what your neighbors may need, too. We are a community of people experiencing the same things, with all of the same concerns. This is happening to all of us, we are all in this together, and we will make it through this together. Have patience, have resolve, and have hope. You got this.

Where your order is at

We consider getting everyone hand soap, sanitizer, and cleaning goods to be an essential need right now. Our 100% US-based partners have given us priority in the kitchens needed to craft our products. We have the ingredients needed to make these essential goods, and we are creating them as quickly as we can, at the same high level of quality as normal. And we will never raise our prices to take advantage of the moment, no matter the cost to us.

We are shipping orders around the clock through our partners and from our office in Austin, TX. The average time from placing an order to it shipping is currently one week, but we are improving daily. All shipping services, like FedEx or UPS, are at capacity, but are working hard to add more staff to handle more boxes & more delivery trucks. We do, however, expect these delays to decrease over time. Thank you for your patience as we work to rapidly get these delivered ASAP.

We will be getting weekly shipments of hand sanitizer

Our first run of hand sanitizer sold out in 30 minutes. We are constantly making more, receiving shipments often, and making it available as soon as we get it. The best way to be notified when we get sanitizer is to sign up using this form. We will email or text you whenever it's available.

Group gatherings
Sleep overs
Birthday parties
Play dates
Sporting events
Crowded stores
Malls & shopping centers
Bars & restaurants
Non-essential travel
Obsessively checking the news

Going to grocery stores
Picking up medications
Playing tennis or games in a park
Essential travel
Pick up & delivery of food
Visitors in your home
Mass transit

Take a walk, hike, or run
Yard work
Playing in the yard
Cleaning out closet
Chores & cleaning
Reading books & magazines
Listening to music, impromptu karaoke
Cooking meals
Family game night
Going for a drive
Group video chats
Bingewatching streaming shows
Watching movies
Calling & texting friends & family
Calling & texting neighbors or the elderly
Unplugging from the news

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