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COVID-19 Updates

Updated April 28th, 2020

Shortage of pumps & sprayers to affect all brands in 2020

  • An influx of orders puts tremendous strain on plastic component manufacturers whose capacity has been maxed out.
  • Typically, it takes domestic sources anywhere from 6-12 weeks to produce, ship, and receive pumps and sprayers used in Puracy body care and home cleaning products. Currently, these domestic lead times are around 12-40 weeks.
  • Rather than the normal 3-6 month order planning window, brands have started requesting orders deep into 2021. Companies will run out before they can manufacture more. In some areas, we already have.

How Puracy is planning for these shortages

  • Once a weekly task, Puracy adjusts its forecasts nearly every day. Through this meticulous planning, we’ve gained a greater understanding of consumer demand. But just like every other sector, there are still some uncertainties about the coming months.
  • As a company that prides itself on sourcing components made entirely within the US, we’ve had to look elsewhere to serve our customers (even if it’s only for backup).

Group gatherings
Sleep overs
Birthday parties
Play dates
Sporting events
Crowded stores
Malls & shopping centers
Bars & restaurants
Non-essential travel
Obsessively checking the news

Going to grocery stores
Picking up medications
Playing tennis or games in a park
Essential travel
Pick up & delivery of food
Visitors in your home
Mass transit

Take a walk, hike, or run
Yard work
Playing in the yard
Cleaning out closet
Chores & cleaning
Reading books & magazines
Listening to music, impromptu karaoke
Cooking meals
Family game night
Going for a drive
Group video chats
Bingewatching streaming shows
Watching movies
Calling & texting friends & family
Calling & texting neighbors or the elderly
Unplugging from the news

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