Written by Tenley Haraldson.

Your New Year's resolution might be to keep a tidier space – but it can be hard to find the time. We've found that sticking to a 10-minute cleaning schedule every day helps prevent dirt, dust, and grime from accumulating.

To make your life easier in 2022, here's a flexible weekly cleaning schedule that covers all of the bases.

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Daily House Cleaning Schedule

It might look like a lot of chores, but integrating a handful of tasks into your daily cleaning schedule will make things a lot easier in the long term. After all, “quick hands make light work.”

daily cleaning checklist

Note: Obviously, take out the garbage and do laundry as often as necessary!

Tackle Food Messes

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After meals and snacks, clean countertops then move downward to chairs (these are notorious crumb collectors). When you’re done, simply sweep it up.

Next, washing dishes prevents food gunk from sticking and keeps your sink clean from unwanted smells, stains, and insects. 

Make Your Bed

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According to a survey, 71% of people who made their bed considered themselves happy, compared to 62% who didn’t. These tidy folks also tended to have better physical fitness routines and job satisfaction. And for something that takes 1-2 minutes, it’s an easy addition to your house cleaning routine. 

Keep up with Clutter

Get the best tips from the cleaning obsessed.

Puracy crafts cleaning & care items that work really well. Our obsession with natural cleaning performance is our profession, and we're here to share it with you.

If you're a parent or are working from home, messes pile up fast. Consider keeping “catch all” baskets in each room.

Say you’re making dinner and keep stepping on your dog’s squeaky toy. Chuck it in the basket and find a home for it when you’re not slicing and dicing. Just be sure to relocate items rather than letting them pile up. 

Sunday: Living Room

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If you happen to spot cobwebs in the top corners of your living room, either vacuum carpets and rugs or sweep and mop hardwood floors afterwards. To avoid dust marks, take care of windows last. 

Monday: Kitchen

cleaning chart

Food stains, rotten produce, a sink full of dishes – these probably won't happen if you stick to a regular weekly cleaning schedule.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a top-to-bottom kitchen cleaning guide.

Clean out Your Fridge 

Throw away expired food and start drawing up your weekly shopping list. Not only does a less jam-packed refrigerator keep you from over-purchasing food, but it also keeps you from wasting it unnecessarily (no more sad, soggy lettuce).

Before you hit the supermarket, do a quick clean of your refrigerator and freezer shelves. Reach for a 99.96% natural Multi-Surface Cleaner to help keep your fridge free of caustic chemicals.  

Take Care of Tough Food Stains 

natural multi surface spray

When you’re scrubbing your microwave or stovetop for the first time in a month, you’re going to regret it. Deal with soup spatters and bubbled-over casseroles ASAP! 

Sweep & Mop 

Who really wants to walk on crumbs or mystery stickiness? Even if you don’t have time to mop, at least run a broom across your kitchen floor 1-2 times per week. 

Tuesday: Bathrooms

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Bathrooms get gross – fast. Integrating a few of these tips into your cleaning schedule will help ensure a guest-ready washroom at all times.

Need a more in-depth bathroom cleaning guide? We’ve got you covered.

Clean Toilets, Showers, & Sinks

If your home is prone to hard water stains, you’ll know just how important regular bathroom maintenance is.

Scrub inside of your bathtub, then wipe down sinks to remove dust, hair, and soap scum. Spray our hydrogen peroxide-based Disinfecting Surface Spray on the outside of your toilet, let it sit for 10 minutes, and wipe away. 

Clean Bathroom Floors

First, vacuum any bath mats and consider throwing them in the washing machine (if they're grimy). Next, wipe down baseboards and sweep floors. Extra points if you pull the mop out! 

Replace Toiletries

This is the time to top up soap pumps, stock up on toilet paper, and make sure you have enough clean towels.

Wednesday: Entryway & Stairs 

Entryways are where backpacks explode, pets track in mud, and where we kick off our shoes. Consider incorporating one – or all – of these into your house cleaning schedule every week: 

Dust Furniture 

You don’t want guests staring at a thin layer of dust on surfaces. Run a cloth and multi-surface spray over your wardrobe, coat rack, and bench. 

Disinfect High-Touch Areas

To cut down on the spread of germs and viruses, hit your high-traffic areas with a Disinfecting Surface Spray at least once per day. This includes door knobs, light switches, cupboard handles, faucets, and railings. 

Wipe Down Windows & Mirrors 

Clean mirrors and windows can really elevate a space. Like most chores, you really just need a microfiber towel and our Multi-Surface Cleaner. 

Thursday: Master Bedroom

Our bedrooms should be the most relaxing place in our home, but messes quickly detract from that inner-sanctum vibe. Between bedroom deep-cleaning, focus on:

Kick out the Clutter

Your bedroom should make you feel relaxed. Remove extraneous things that distract you, invest in drawer inserts, hang up your clothes, and ask whether you really need 12 throw pillows. 

Focus on Surfaces & Floors 

If you’re dusting, work your way downwards and follow up with a vacuum. 

Change Your Sheets 

Experts say you should wash your sheets every week. Not only does this cut down on dead skin cells and dust mites (which can be hard for allergy sufferers), but fresh bed sheets make sleep more luxurious and inviting. We recommend using a Natural Laundry Detergent that’s tough on stains but gentle on sensitive skin. 

Friday: Other Bedrooms

It’s important to introduce household chores to children from an early age – and there are plenty of ways to get them involved. Until they’re old enough, however, parents will need to help out with certain tasks:  

Change Bedding

Unless your child is taking a bath before bed every night, try to replace sheets once a week. 

Put Toys Away 

household cleaning schedule

When you’re cleaning a child’s bedroom, find homes for toys, books, and clothes. Hunt down items that have no business being in your child’s room, whether they’re broken toys, remote controls, or bits of food. 

Dust Furniture & Baseboards 

Parents might have to dust high surfaces like bookshelves, but since they’re already close to the ground, kids are ideal candidates for cleaning baseboards with a microfiber towel. 

Focus on Floors 

Vacuuming carpets is too hard for kids, but there are plenty of child-sized cleaning items that are made just for small hands (we especially like their wet & dry mop)!

Saturday: Laundry Room

Whether it’s a soap spill or fuzz from lint traps, laundry rooms can get really filthy.

Wipe Down the Washer & Dryer

Using a microfiber towel and Multi-Surface Cleaner, first wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer. Pay attention to the soap dispenser. 

Remove Mildewy Smells

Pour a mixture of ¼ cup water and ¼ cup baking soda into the washing machine’s detergent container. Next, add 2 cups of white vinegar into the drum. Run a hot cycle (without clothes) and scrub the inside of the basin immediately after you open the door.  

One in, One out 

Laundry rooms are often the place for errant socks and a variety of other pieces of clothing. Immediately after throwing in a new load of laundry, fold and find homes for all of your wayward pieces. 

Dust and Sweep

After removing lint from the lint trap, dust your appliances, window sills, etc. Follow with a quick sweep and mop. 

Why a Weekly House Cleaning Schedule Matters

A cluttered and/or dirty home can have a major impact on your health – and science can prove it:  

Download Our Printable Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

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