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Cleaning laundry is easier when you let enzymes do the work. With our 6-enzyme stain remover, laundry spots will cease to exist. Follow-up with our 4-enzyme laundry detergent to whisk away dirt, grime, and odors. The perfect 1-2 punch for your laundry regimen.

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Natural Laundry Stain Remover
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Natural Baby Stain Remover
Natural Baby Stain Remover
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Baby Laundry Essentials Bundle
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Our ingredients

Clean formulas made from pure ingredients

We're committed to using only the purest ingredients available and every Puracy formula is at least 98.5% natural and vegan friendly for the sake of everyone in your little world. When you choose a Puracy product, know that each ingredient has been scrutinized by our co-founder, chemists, doctors, and 3rd party experts for an ideal blend of safety and efficacy. When it comes to ingredients, we do not cut corners. If you ever want to learn more than you see on our website, email to connect with our co-founder and product development team.

Laundry Day, Simplified


Measuring made easy

Unlike conventional laundry detergents, our detergent features an easy-to-use pump that delivers the exact amount you need for one load of dirty laundry: 2 pumps for HE loads or 4 pumps for Standard loads. Gone are the days of filling caps to the top and needlessly wasting detergent (and plastic).

A formula you can trust

We've created a cleaning formula that tackles stubborn stains and odors using only natural, plant-powered enzymes that work in both hot or cold water. Take on everything from sweat and blood to grease and food stains with a formula that is both tough on stains and gentle on skin.

Scents that make sense

Unlike conventional detergents, laundry pods, or laundry powder, with Puracy, you'll never find harsh, synthetic fragrances or nasty ingredients in our formulas. Instead, you'll be left with gently scented laundry straight from the wash. Our laundry detergent is also available in Free & Clear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our product efficacy is done in homes across America. We have a group of customers, in addition to our internal testers, that puts each product through its paces in normal, everyday scenarios. The “at-home testing” is amongst the most important we do for any of our products. After all, if it isn’t effective in regularly, daily use, what’s the point?

During development, we place each of our formulas through a series of challenges conducted by a third-party accredited laboratory. This process is known as preservative efficacy testing. All the products that make it into your household have passed these rigorous tests and are in compliance with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 51 standards. It's through this process that we make sure our customers' safety (and the safety of their loved ones) always comes first.

Unlike most conventional brands, with Puracy, there's no need for a harsh chemical like bleach with our Natural Stain Remover. Instead, simply spray the affected area and wait at least 15 minutes (8+ hours for older stains) before laundering. The harmful chemicals in chlorine bleach kill the plant enzymes in our formulas, so it's better to let our formula work on its own for the most effective results. The end result? Clean clothes that you’ll want to bury your face into before folding them away!

We suggest you always test on an inconspicuous area first. Once you’ve done that, treat the affected area and let the product dwell for at least 15 minutes. For silk or wool, do not leave Stain Remover on the fabric for more than an hour. Rinse or launder as normal. If the stain remains, repeat the steps above again.

Our team of experts and researchers have rigorously tested our detergent on everything from silk and fine fabrics to denim and wool. Just follow manufacturer instructions before putting it in the washing machine, and for dark clothes, fold them inside out and use cold tap water on a gentle cycle.

For our laundry products, we use a preservative called Benzisothiazolinone (BIT). According to The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, it only takes a very low concentration of Benzisothiazolinone to be effective, and although it is synthetic, it is also biodegradable. Dissolvable in water, it is a better alternative to, MIT, MCT, or harsh ingredients such as formaldehyde or medium-chain triglycerides. Curious to learn more? Read more about the ingredient here.

You can use our natural detergent on High Efficiency (HE) front loading machines, with each load of laundry taking 2 pumps (1/4 oz) of detergent. If you have a standard top loading machine, use 4 pumps (1/2 oz) of detergent.

Thanks to our enzyme-based formula, our detergent leaves your laundry softer and fluffier, free of residues lingering on fibers. Fabric softener or dryer sheets aren’t necessary.

Attaching the pump can be done in three simple steps. First, screw the pump onto the bottle, turning the collar clockwise. Make sure it's on as tight as possible to avoid the pump's spout from unlocking. Then hold the pump's lower base and collar with one and the pump's beak with the other. Turn the spout counterclockwise. Upon doing this, you'll feel it begin to unscrew, and after a few more turns, it will pop up. Voila: your detergent bottle is ready to go!

Puracy always strives to make the best, safest formulas. Before we created our detergent, the market leader in natural laundry detergent was only 8X concentrated. We believed that could be improved. Through rigorous research and development, we created our 10X concentrated formula, and it remains the most concentrated liquid detergent sold in the United States. That means only a small 1/2 tablespoon of detergent is needed to clean a normal sized load of laundry. Not only does this save water and energy by about 85%, but it also reduces plastic packaging: a win for both you and the planet!

Most conventional laundry detergents use cheap foaming agents like sulfates and 1 or 2 key enzymes. Though sometimes effective, they can also irritate skin if they don’t rinse completely. Sulfates also cause excessive amounts of suds, which can redeposit dirt and grime if it's not completely rinsed off a load of laundry.

In our formulas, we use 4-6 enzymes, so all stains are treated, not just the common ones. On the surfactant side, we use a low foaming cleanser called cocamidopropyl betaine. This ensures the right level of cleaning without creating a foam party inside your washing machine. Contrary to popular belief, more foam does not equate to more cleaning power.

The 4 enzymes in our Laundry Detergent's formula are:

Amylase: removes starch stains such as chocolate and mustard.
Lipase: removes protein stains such as grease and sweat
Mannanase: removes food stains such as coffee and soup
Protease: removed other protein stains such as blood and grass stains

The enzymes and surfactants work together to break down stains and odors. This combination of ingredients is why our concentrated detergent is so effective