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Cleaning Tips

Cleaning 101: How to Clean Suede Shoes
Cleaning 101: How to Clean Suede Shoes

Wondering how to restore suede shoes at home? Whether faux or genuine leather, these home remedies for cleaning suede provide everything you need!

how to wash button up shirts
How to Wash Button up Shirts at Home

Washing dress shirts at home doesn't have to be difficult. Our guide walks you through the best way to wash dress shirts – no dry cleaner required.

how to remove pit stains
How to Remove Pit Stains with Natural Products

Discover what causes yellow armpit stains, how to prevent discoloration, and how to remove them with our natural pit stain remover product.

Puracy microfiber towel
Cleaning 101: Your Microfiber Towel Guide

From home cleaning to washing your microfiber cloths, discover more about these vital cleaning tools (and why the Puracy microfiber towel is so amazing).

best cleaning products for allergy sufferers
Cleaning 101: Tips & Cleaning Products for Allergies

In addition to effective home cleaning tips, discover how a switch to natural cleaning products may be the key to improving your allergies this season!

How to clean fabric couch
Cleaning 101: How to Clean a Couch

Need to shampoo a couch? With our natural cleaning tips and water-based upholstery cleaner, your furniture will smell & look great!

spotless dishwashing liquid
Cleaning 101: Dishwasher Hacks For Spotless Dishes

Is your dishwasher leaving dishes dirty? From dishwasher care tips to learning how to put dishes in the dishwasher correctly, don't miss these hacks!

oven cleaning tips
Cleaning 101: Oven Cleaning Tips

Can you use all-purpose cleaner in an oven? You bet! Check out the best oven cleaning tips – no bleach or self-cleaning required!

Holiday cleaning hacks
Cleaning 101: Dinner Party Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Meal prep and clean-up is hard, but these natural, time-saving cleaning hacks will take the stress out of parties and gatherings.

how to wash dishes
Cleaning 101: How to Wash Dishes by Hand

Don't own a dishwasher? Do stemware and crystal require special attention? Follow these steps in washing dishes by hand – and watch them shine!

natural carpet stain remover
Cleaning 101: Natural Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

 Looking for the best natural carpet cleaning tips? Learn how to clean a carpet by hand & with a machine to remove any stain & odor with minimal effort.

dangers of bleach
Is Bleach Dangerous in Your Home?

Is bleach toxic? From chemical burns to accidental poisoning and environmental damage, discover why you should reconsider using bleach around your home.