Mattresses see a lot in their lifetimes. And even though we regularly wash bedding, our sweat, dead skin cells, and stains can really pile up (not to mention a common allergen like dust mites)

Since we spend about 8 hours in our bedroom every night, it’s crucial to take care of our mattresses and maintain their cleanliness.

Use a Mattress Protector 

Let’s face it: No matter where they come from, no one wants to clean stains out of a mattress. By investing in a high-quality, waterproof mattress protector, you’ll prevent stains and messes from occurring in the first place. 

How to Remove Mattress Stains

If you didn’t have a mattress protector, you might be dealing with a variety of stains, from wine to coffee, urine, blood, or sweat. Since you’re working with your sleeping surface, we recommend avoiding harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, reach for effective, natural cleaning products like our Natural Stain Remover

Proven to tackle hundreds of tough stains, these six plant enzymes break down stain particles by speeding up natural chemical reactions – making them much easier to remove.

mattress stain remover

1. Remove Any Excess

Treating a recent spill? If it’s thick enough, pick up any excess using a spoon or spatula. Don’t apply any pressure or you’ll push the excess into your mattress (making it harder to clean).

2. Blot the Stain

Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, blot fresh stains until your cloth no longer picks up the stain color from your mattress. If your stain is sticky or dark in color, use a slightly damp cloth before blotting.

3. Spray & Set

Following the directions on the bottle, apply your stain remover and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The longer you leave the solution on the surface, the better it will work. If you’re dealing with a particularly tough mark – and have another bed to sleep on – leave the solution on your mattress overnight.

4. Use a Carpet Cleaner

Since it’s extremely difficult to dry, we don’t recommend rinsing your mattress with water. Instead, we recommend removing our Stain Remover (and the stain) with a handheld attachment on a carpet cleaner. Be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions carefully.

5. Dry

Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, remove any excess moisture by blotting the surface of your mattress. Leave your mattress uncovered for several hours before making your bed.

How to Deep-Clean a Mattress

Obviously, water and mattresses don’t mix. If you’re looking to deep clean your mattress, the following steps are the most effective.

1. Vacuum

Using your vacuum's handheld attachment, pick up any loose dust, hair, and debris on your mattress.

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2. Use a Steam Cleaner

We encourage the use of a steam cleaner instead of carpet shampooer. Not only does a steam cleaner use a smaller amount of water, but it’s also incredibly effective at killing dust mites without the use of chemicals.

If your steam cleaner has a special triangle attachment (and most do), attach a microfiber towel to it so the steam gently lifts everything into the towel. This method is so effective at removing dirt and messes that you can clean your entire mattress with it – possibly without pretreating stains.

3. Thoroughly Dry Your Mattress

As we noted earlier, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your mattress is 100% dry before sleeping on it. If the weather is pleasant, consider opening the windows to speed up the process.

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Mattress

how to prolong mattress
Because we spend ⅓ of our lives in bed, there are some simple, eco-friendly tips to make the most of your mattress life.

Regular Maintenance

The regular removal of dust mites, dead skin cells, and other grime is important to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your mattress. Wash your bedding every week and your mattress protector every 1-2 months.

When the mattress protector is in the washing machine, rotate the mattress and suck up any debris with the handheld attachment on your vacuum.

Clean & Replace Pillows

We often forget about pillow maintenance, but they absorb a substantial amount of dust, grime, and oil, increasing your chances of allergy and dermatological issues. Many experts recommended that you replace pillows every two years.

Maintain them by investing in pillow protectors and wash:

  • Pillow cases each week
  • Pillow protectors every 3-4 weeks
  • Pillows every 3 months
Note: You can typically place down-alternative pillows in the washing machine. Down feather pillows should be dry cleaned (unless stated otherwise). 

Invest in Quality Bedding 

ettitude bamboo sheets
Sweat can cause major stains on mattresses, so it’s important to choose breathable bedding. Not only do we love the moisture-wicking capabilities of Ettitude’s eco-bamboo sheets, but we also love the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

Keep Your Home Clean with Puracy Natural Products

We’re firm believers that plant-based cleaning products are just as effective as their harsh chemical counterparts. We all deserve a clean, healthy home – and that starts with a clean bedroom.