what is vanillin


What is vanillin and how is it produced? Discover more about vanillin uses in Puracy products, including details about this ingredient's safety record.
  • Derived from: vanilla
  • Pronunciation: (\ˈva-nə-lən\)
  • Type: Natural

What Is Vanillin?

Vanillin is the active ingredient in vanilla absolute essential oil, which is derived from the vanilla plant (Vanilla planifolia). [1]

How Vanillin Is Made

Vanillin production begins by drying and curing vanilla beans. While some vanillin is chemically synthesized, Puracy's is isolated from vanilla extract with processes such as microwave and ultrasound-assisted extraction, enzymatic extraction, and supercritical fluid extraction (SCEF). [1].

Some companies have found success in fermenting ferulic acid using yeast, feeding glucose to genetically-modified microbes, or deriving eugenol from clove oil. [2]

What Does Vanillin Do?

Vanillin is often used to scent moisturizers, bath products, hair products, and makeup.[3] It's commonly used in aromatherapy due to its calming effects. [1]

Vanillin Uses in Puracy Products

In lieu of synthetic perfumes and phthalates, we use vanillin in several of our personal care essentials as a natural fragrance.

Vanillin Safety?

The Environmental Working Group has awarded vanillin a "1" safety rating.[3] Research shows the ingredient is not a strong skin irritant or sensitizer.[4]


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