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Aloe Barbadensis

What is aloe barbadensis? Is it safe for skin? Discover how this ingredient is made and used in Puracy products.
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  • Derived from: aloe vera
  • Pronunciation: (AL-oh bar-bah-DEN-sis)
  • Type: Natural
  • Other names: Aloe, aloe vera, aloe vera leaf extract, aloe barbadensis extract, aloe leaf gel

What Is Aloe Barbadensis?

Native to arid regions of Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, the aloe plant is a succulent plant that grows abundantly in low-moisture areas. [1]

What Does Aloe Barbadensis Do?

Thanks to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, aloe barbadensis gel has been used for thousands of years to moisturize skin, heal wounds and burns [2] and treat dermatological conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, herpes, and acne.[3,4,5]

In addition to working to bind moisture to the skin, aloe's amino acids also help soften skin. Thanks to sterols (which produce collagen and hyaluronic acid), aloe vera has also been documented to tighten fine lines.[6]

How Aloe Barbadensis Is Made

There are various processing methods, but generally, the outer aloe barbadensis leaf is removed and the interior is pulverized. That liquid is filtered, stabilized (to stop separation), then mixed with other preparations or agents to produce pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or food products.[7]

Why Puracy Uses Aloe Barbadensis

We use aloe barbadensis extract as a moisturizer and skin conditioner in several products, including lotions, cleansers, and soaps.

Is Aloe Barbadensis Juice Safe?

Aloe vera gel used in topical products is generally considered to be safe, though this typically comes down to preparation and storage of the ingredient.

Whole Foods has listed aloe as "acceptable" in its body care quality standards.[8] EWG has granted aloe vera extract a 1-3 rating, depending on its usage and preparation.[9]


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