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what is bergamot essential oil
Bergamot Essential Oil

Learn all about bergamot essential oil, including how it's made, and why Puracy uses bergamot essential oil in our products.

Vegetable Glycerin
Vegetable Glycerin

What is vegetable glycerin? What is glycerin made from? Discover more about this ingredient, including how Puracy uses it in our products. 

what is sodium stearate
Sodium Stearate

What is sodium stearate? Is sodium stearate natural? Discover how this common ingredient is used in skin care, deodorant, and much more.

lipase cleaner

What is lipase and where is it made? Discover more about the function of this enzyme and how it helps Puracy's natural lipase products work so well.


What does protease do and why is it found in so many household products that contain enzymes?

sodium methyl cocoyl taurate
Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

What is sodium methyl cocoyl taurate? Discover how it’s made, whether it comes with side effects, and why Puracy uses this ingredient in our products.

Octyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide
Octyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide

Discover more about octyl dimethyl amine oxide, including what it does and why Puracy uses it in our products

sodium percarbonate
Sodium Percarbonate

What is sodium percarbonate? How is it made? Discover sodium percarbonate safety, uses, and much more!

cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine
Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

What is cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine? Is it safe for skin and hair? Discover more about how and why this ingredient is used in Puracy products.

Sodium Citrate
Sodium Citrate

What is sodium citrate and how is it made? Discover how Puracy uses sodium citrate in cleaning products and personal care items.

Zinc Ricinoleate
Zinc Ricinoleate

What is zinc ricinoleate and how is it used? Discover why Puracy includes this ingredient in many of our products to zap odors.

decyl glucoside
Decyl Glucoside

Discover everything about decyl glucoside, including how it's made and why Puracy uses this ingredient in our products.