• Derived from: shea nuts
  • Pronunciation: (Byew-ty-ROS-permum/ PAR-kee-eye)
  • Type: Natural
  • Other names: shea butter

What Is Butyrospermum Parkii?

Butyrospermum parkii (also called the shea butter) is a natural moisturizer that's widely used in cosmetics, bath products, makeup, lotion, and hair care products.[1]

What Does Butyrospermum parkii Do?

Butyrospermum parkii helps bind moisture.[5] Shea contains vitamin E and catechins, which are also found in green tea. As an emollient, it helps soften skin, condition hair, and even moisturize cuticles.[6,7,1]

How Butyrospermum parkii Is Made

At the beginning of the harvest season, shea nuts are harvested and the pulp is removed. The nuts are then dried in the sun, smoked over a fire, or parboiled to prevent them from germinating (and to dry them more quickly). Once dried, the nuts are cracked to expose the shea kernels, which are removed and again dried in the sun. The dried kernels are then ground into a powder that is mixed with water and then pressed to yield the oil. [2]

Why Puracy Uses Butyrospermum parkii

We use organic butyrospermum parkii as a moisturizer in our lotions and Natural Conditioner.

Is Butyrospermum parkii Safe? 

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review considers shea butter and shea oil as safe.[3] Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its premium body care quality standards [4].

Though Butyrospermum parkii is a nut, there is no correlative, published data regarding shea butter and juvenile peanut/tree nut allergies. While there is no guarantee that an allergy will not be experienced, allergy specialists believe there is very little risk.[5]



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