Discover a Decade of Puracy’s Biggest Milestones

Discover a Decade of Puracy’s Biggest Milestones

During our first ten years, we’ve changed the game when it comes to safe, plant-powered, sustainable cleaning formulas. Curious to learn more? Discover our ten biggest milestones below.

Puracy was started with a single goal: to make effective, plant-based cleaning and personal care products that were gentle enough to use around his growing family. During our first ten years, we’ve changed the game when it comes to safe, plant-powered, sustainable cleaning formulas. Curious to learn more? Discover our ten biggest milestones below.

2014: Puracy Develops 10x Concentrated Laundry Detergent

The main ingredient in most laundry detergent is water. Not Puracy’s. Our award-winning 10x formula washes 64 loads of laundry with a tiny 16-ounce bottle, reducing unnecessary plastic, water and energy waste. To this day it remains the most concentrated laundry detergent sold in the United States.

2015: Puracy Launches the World’s First Six-Enzyme Stain Remover

Enzymes have proven to be the most effective ingredients to safely eliminate stains. There are six types of enzymes, each of which works best on a different type of stain. After several years of exhaustive R&D, we developed the first stain remover in history to include all six plant-based enzymes (our closest competitor uses only three). The end result: Puracy Natural Stain Remover eliminates stains that our competitors’ products simply can’t remove.

2017: Puracy Supports Hurricane Harvey Efforts with $40,000 in Donations

When Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm, plowed into Houston, it devastated the city. The American Red Cross sent out a call for help -- people were desperately in need of basic necessities like hand soap and other cleaning products. Puracy responded by creating a "one-for-three" promotion that allowed the company and consumers to give back. For every Puracy product purchased, we donated three Puracy products to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The end result? We donated more than $40,000 in products to the Red Cross.

2018: Puracy Takes the Lead with Eco-Friendly Refill Pouches

We’re proud to be an industry leader when it comes to being eco-conscious and not wasting plastic. In fact, since our inception, our refill pouches have now saved more than 200 tons of plastic. Our 64-ounce refill pouches use 90% less plastic, water, and energy compared to traditional bottles. We now offer the largest refill pouches on the market for many of your favorite Puracy products, from hand soap to body wash and many products in between.

2019: Wirecutter Names Our Everyday Surface Cleaner the "Best All-Purpose Cleaner"

Since its inception, Puracy has received more than 70 independently tested "best of" awards in our three main categories: household, baby, and personal care. For example, our Everyday Surface Cleaner was rated "The Best All-Purpose Cleaner" by Wirecutter. Learn more about our laundry list of awards here!

2020: Puracy Supports Hospitals, Shelters and Healthcare Facilities in Lockdown

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Puracy took great pride in supplying these critical institutions with much-needed cleaning products and antibacterial hand sanitizer.  Recognizing the urgent need for cleanliness and hygiene, Puracy took pride in supplying these vital institutions with essential resources.

2022: Puracy Celebrates 70,000+ Five-Star Reviews

With more than 70,000 five-star reviews, our natural and plant-powered formulas have been thoroughly tested and proven to work flawlessly in households everywhere. Your opinion matters the most, so we’re grateful that the five-star reviews keep coming and serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our formulas.

2023: Puracy CANcels Plastic with Clean Can

With Clean Can, Puracy introduced the first and only cleaning system to utilize infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. Aluminum is 6x more recyclable and weights 2-3x less than single-use plastic bottles. Our CLEAN CAN System made from non-toxic PET/E is designed for years of daily use.

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