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Cleaning 101: PU Coated Leather Care

Looking to clean top coated leather? Our cleaning tips and products will help restore your PU coated leather & keep it gorgeous!

Written by Tenley Haraldson. Reviewed by cleaning expert Sean Busch.

Let's face it: Genuine leather couches and armchairs are extremely expensive and easy to damage. PU coated leather (made out of polyurethane) is a more affordable, durable option that comes in endless arrays of colors and styles.

With our natural tips on PU coated leather care, you’ll keep your furniture gorgeous for years to come!

What Is Coated Leather?

Most “coated leather” is synthetic and fashioned from “vegan leather” (also known as polyurethane). Every so often, it’s genuine leather that’s been sealed with a thin layer of vinyl or polyurethane, but this is rare. Either way, these materials have more durable finishes and smoother surfaces that are easier to clean.

How to Tell If Leather Furniture Is Coated or Uncoated

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The easiest way to determine this is by putting a couple drops of water on the furniture's surface. If water absorbs into the leather, surprise! You’ve got genuine leather! If the water beads, it’s coated.

To avoid scratches and peeling, polyurethane coated leather requires different maintenance than leather – but we’ve made it easy with our leather cleaning tips.

How to Clean Coated Leather

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For PU coated leather care, you only need a few products and a couple techniques.

  1. Use a handheld vacuum attachment to remove crumbs, hair, and excess debris. Be sure to get under and behind cushions.
  2. If your furniture requires an all-over clean, fill a spray bottle with warm water and a few drops of Puracy Natural Dish Soap.
  3. Spray the solution directly onto a clean microfiber towel and apply using the same motion you’d use when cleaning your countertops. Cover every spot evenly and buff using a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Can You Use All Purpose Cleaner on Leather?

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It’s normal for coated leather to appear dull or scratched up, especially true if your furniture is used constantly.

While you can reach for a leather sofa conditioner that sits in your cupboard for months on end, why not use our 99.51% Natural Surface Cleaner instead? Spray it on a clean microfiber cloth, gently wipe it across your furniture, and that’s it!

Since acidic cleaners can strip away polyurethane coating, ensure that your leather cleaner has a pH level that’s neutral or slightly basic. Our all-purpose cleaner was formulated for thousands of non-porous surfaces. Simply test it on an inconspicuous spot and wait until it dries. If there’s no discoloration or bleeding, it should be safe for all-over use.

PU Coated Leather Care – and Much More

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Puracy is all about keeping questionable chemical cleaners out of your household. To make that as easy and effective as possible, we teamed up with biochemists and physicians to develop our Natural Surface Cleaner. We firmly believe it’s the most effective, plant-based cleaner anywhere.

From ceiling fans to remote controls to your own couch, here's to a cleaner home!