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A Guide To Removing Stubborn Wine Stains From Any Surface

Stuck with a stubborn wine stain? Here's your step-by-step guide to using natural cleaners to remove wine stains from a variety of surfaces and clothing.

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With holiday party season approaching, you may find yourself wondering how to remove that stubborn wine smudge from an heirloom tablecloth or white living room sofa. Fear not: it’s not as impossible as it seems! Though it’s tempting to try DIY options for a quick solution, we always recommend researching natural yet effective products that won’t permanently damage fabrics or surfaces.

Follow our guide to wine stain removal using natural cleaners that won’t harm sensitive skin but still effectively neutralize and get rid of blemishes. By following these tips, you’ll be raising your glass to a stain-free home in no time.

Wine Stain Removing Options (And What To Expect)

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A simple online search will yield a multitude of DIY options for removing wine marks, but which ones can you trust? Here’s a rundown of popular stain removing options, and what to be aware of when applying them to your favorite fabrics.

Hot Water

hot water for wine stains

You can apply hot water to dilute a spot, and the temperature can also work to loosen the stain a bit from fabric as well. However, water alone won't effectively remove a tough wine mark, and you will usually need to pair it with something stronger to effectively prevent a stain from setting.

Club Soda

club soda for wine stains

Maybe you've heard that the carbonation from club soda can help dissolve the red pigment from a wine stain, but this DIY option is not always the most effective way to remove tough wine remnants. Be aware of the fact that club soda contains sugar that can caramelize and leave a yellow stain if left on a fabric for too long.

White Vinegar

wine vinegar for wine stains

Soaking a fabric in detergent and distilled white vinegar can help remove wine without damaging clothing, but its effectiveness is limited. It shouldn't be used on countertops or flooring, as it can damage or further blemish the surface.

Natural Stain Removers

Puracy Natural Stain Remover for wine stains

For the most effective clean, turn to our Natural Stain Remover, powered by six plant-based enzymes and safe to use on clothing, linens, carpets, and other washable fabrics. Its 98.95% natural formula is also perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Why are Wine Stains So Hard To Remove?

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When it comes to food and drink stains, red wine stains are notoriously difficult to remove with simple soap and water. As both a color and an alcohol stain, red wine requires special attention and specialized products to remove it from different fabrics and surfaces.

There's a reason wine is tough enough to even stain our teeth; wine contains a chemical that is related to anthocyanins, which is often used in dyes and paints. In short, this liquid is meant to leave a mark, but don't worry, it doesn't have to be permanent.

Immediate Steps For Removing a Wine Stain

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If you’re staring down a considerable wine stain on your favorite scarf or rug, immediate action is key. The longer wine is allowed to sit, the tougher it is to remove, especially if it has been exposed to heat. (Avoid putting any stained clothes in the dryer!) So what should you do the minute that a wine glass is knocked over?

Remove As Much as Possible

wiping surface to avoid stubborn wine stains

With a dry towel for clothing or carpet, gently lift the stain away from the surface. This will prevent the mark from permanently seeping in and you won't be rubbing the stain deeper into the material.

Dilute and Blot the Stain

blotting wine stain with microfiber cloth

Avoid scrubbing the stain, as that will just set it in deeper. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to gently yet firmly blot the stain. Continue until the cloth stops picking up color. Now you can begin the deeper cleaning process.

How To Remove Wine Stains From Different Surfaces

Puracy Stain Remover for carpet wine stain

From holiday sweaters to table cloths, here is your guide to effectively removing wine from each surface using natural formulas that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Clothing and Washable Fabrics

removing wine stains on white clothes

Target the blemish with our Natural Stain Remover, then wait at least 15 minutes before throwing it in the washing machine. If you want a thorough clean, let the remover sit for up to 8 hours. (But don't let the Stain Remover sit for more than an hour on fabrics like wool or linen.)

Natural Leather

wine stain prone leather surface

Tackle stains immediately with a dry microfiber cloth, and be sure to avoid wet wipes or water. Too much water can damage the leather, as well as leave behind an odor. Follow with a leather cleaner and conditioner to ensure surfaces stay shiny and supple after you remove the stain. Looking for more detailed instructions on caring for your favorite leather goods? Check out our Guide to Cleaning Leather Apparel.


wine stain prone suede surface

This is another fabric where you'll want to avoid soap and water when it comes to removing wine stains. Instead, use a brush and cleaning kit and a gentle, consistent motion followed with a microfiber towel. Need a deeper dive? Take a look at our comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Suede for even more tips.


wine stain on white carpet

Spray the damaged area with our Natural Stain Remover, and if the stain has toughened or clumped, loosen it with a soft-bristled brush such as paintbrush. Place a heavy book or brick in a sturdy plastic bag, then lay it over the stain for at least 8 hours. If you’re dealing with other stains, such as food or pet stains, check our guide to using our Guide to Using Our Natural Carpet Cleaner to tackle a multitude of messes.

Non-Porous Surfaces and Hardwood Floors

wine stain prone non-porous & hardwood floors

Our Multi-Surface Cleaner is safe and effective for counters and other non-porous surfaces. For hardwood floors, wipe up immediate spills with a dry towel, then choose a low-moisture method for cleaning the stain that dries quickly, as water shouldn't stand on hardwood floors for too long or they can warp the surface.

Hosting a big holiday party and need more tips for keeping those floors clean? Don’t miss our extensive guide on How To Clean Wood Floors.

Professional Help Removing Wine Stains

professional stain removal

If you’re staring at a deep set stain that may have even bled into the back of a surface, you may be wondering when you should throw in the (literal and figurative) towel and look for help from a professional cleaner. If a red wine mark has deeply set or dried into carpet or upholstery or you attempted a DIY method that only added more stains, enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaning service for steam cleaning or a dry extraction method. Be sure to specify what fabric or surface you need cleaned beforehand so they can determine the best approach for tackling the stain.

Natural Cleaners and Wine Stains

Puracy Stain Remover with stain removing brush

When it comes to removing wine stains on your own, our natural cleaners use plant-based enzymes to break down stains and revive surfaces and fabrics. Make it your go-to wine stain remover for this busy holiday party season, and never worry again about getting rid of a favorite sweater or scarf after a wine spill.

Whether you're using our Natural Stain Remover on your favorite jacket or Multi-Surface Cleaner on your hardwood floors, you can remove those stubborn wine stains knowing with products backed by a natural, gentle yet effective formula. Cheers to that!