Chocolate stains on light colored clothes

How To Easily Remove The Toughest Chocolate Stains

Don’t know where to start when it comes to removing these blemishes without damaging the fabric or surface? We’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions, as well as natural products that are gentle yet effective on the most stubborn stains.

The holiday season means tasty holiday treats, and with that also comes tough-to-remove chocolate stains on your favorite sweater. Don’t know where to start when it comes to removing these blemishes without damaging the fabric or surface? We’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions, as well as natural products that are gentle yet effective on the most stubborn stains.

Whether you have to deal with a smudged collar or a delicate antique tablecloth, you won’t have to worry about that chocolate stain sticking around for much longer. Just follow these tips, and you can soon return to the holiday festivities!

What Makes Chocolate Stains So Tough to Remove?

Chocolate as a common staining material

Aside from being delicious, chocolate is also made from a unique combination of ingredients that don't make it easy to wipe off. Soap and water just don’t cut it. Why? Let’s take a closer look at what makes up chocolate. 

Chocolate’s oil-based ingredients such as cocoa butter combine with the dark tannins of cocoa powder making it a double threat when it comes to staining. That means you have to remove chocolate stains strategically, and we can help!

Common Chocolate Stain Removing Options

Chocolate stains on colored clothes

The Internet suggests all kinds of different solutions to remove chocolate stains, but how do you choose the right one for your particular situation? Check out these options and what you can expect from each one, as well as what to look out for when applying them to a specific surface or material.

White Vinegar

Vinegar for chocolate stains

Soaking a fabric in detergent and distilled white vinegar can help with a stain without damaging clothing, but its effectiveness is limited. It shouldn't be used on countertops or flooring, as it can damage or further stain the surface.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide for removing chocolate stains

When combined with dish soap, hydrogen peroxide can be applied directly to the blemish to help lessen the stain. However, be aware that hydrogen peroxide can bleach certain fabrics, so avoid using it on delicate or fragile clothing.

Liquid Dish Detergent

Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap for Chocolate Stains

Cold water and liquid dish detergent can be applied to upholstery, but it will only loosen recent stains. If you're dealing with a spot that has deeply settled into the fabric, you'll need something stronger to thoroughly remove and clean the stain.

Natural Enzyme-Based Stain Removers

Enzyme-based cleaners break down odors and stains, and the best ones do so without any harsh detergents or chemicals. Our 99.51% Natural Stain Remover uses six plant-based enzymes, including amylase, which splits carbohydrates into simple sugars and removes starch stains, like chocolate.

The best part? Our enzyme-based cleaners can be used on any washable surface!

Immediate Steps For Removing a Chocolate Stain

Chocolate stain on white table cloth

That chocolate fountain seemed like a fun idea until it stained your favorite white shirt! But have no fear: that chocolate stain isn’t permanent, as long as you act fast.

The longer a chocolate stain stays on a fabric or surface, the trickier it is to remove, especially if it has been exposed to heat. (Don’t put stained clothes in the dryer since it will only set the stain deeper into the fabric.) Familiarize yourself with these immediate first steps with dealing with spilled chocolate.

Get Rid of Excess Chocolate

Chocolate stains on carpet

Take a dull knife or a spoon and scrape off excess chocolate from the fabric or surface, being sure not to damage the material. This will stop the stain from spreading, and the slightly cleaner surface will make it easier to treat.

Cold Water To The Rescue

Cold water for chocolate stains

If the stain is on fabric, run it water for a few seconds. Be sure to use cold water, and do the same for both sides. This will help dislodge any chocolate, and now, with these initial steps out of the way, you can start treating the stain more thoroughly.

How To Remove Chocolate Stains From Different Surfaces

Chocolate filling in piping bags

From holiday sweaters to table cloths, here is your guide to effectively removing chocolate stains from each surface using natural formulas that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Clothing and Washable Fabrics

Light and dark colored clothes prone to chocolate stains

Target the affected area with or Natural Stain Remover, and make sure the spot is fully saturated. Take a cleaning brush or old toothbrush and gently scrub the cleaner onto the stain. Once it's set, wait at least 15 minutes before laundering. For an even more thorough clean, wait at least 8 hours.

Take a look at the fabric care instructions before putting the item in the washing machine. Our Natural Laundry Detergent's clean-rinse formula makes sure to fully remove any stain elements. Air dry the item to be safe, as heat can set stains deeper.


Chocolate stain prone upholstery

During that spirited game of charades, somehow chocolate cake got on your sofa, so what do you do next? Spray our Natural Stain Remover on the blemish, and let it set for about 15 minutes. From there, work the remover into the fabric using an old toothbrush. If it's a tough stain, let the remover sit on the fabric for up to 8 hours.

Then soak a microfiber cloth with warm water and gently wring it out. Press the cloth onto the stain, being sure to regularly wring out the cloth. Continue this process until all the stain remover is rinsed from the surface. If you're dealing with a large stain, you'll probably need multiple cloths to fully remove it.

Natural Leather

Chocolate stain prone leather

Your leather jacket just lost a few cool points with that chocolate stain, but don’t worry. You can tackle that spot with a microfiber cloth, and make sure it's dry. (Don’t use wet wipes or water, as moisture can stain and stink up leather.) Follow this up with a trusted leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the material shiny and supple. Keep our Guide to Cleaning Leather Apparel handy for more detailed instructions for any future spills or messes.


wiping stains from carpet

For a smaller carpet stain, you can soak a microfiber cloth with our Natural Carpet Shampoo, which breaks down tough stains, revives fibers, and it’s color-safe for all types of fabric. It’s super-concentrated to save on water, so you can create your natural carpet cleaning solution by adding 1 oz. of cleaner to 100 oz. of water.

From there, gently blot the affected area. Refrain from scrubbing since this will only set the stain. Take a second cloth soaked with warm water to lift the remaining shampoo and particles. Repeat this until the blemish is gone. Be sure to leave a window open and a fan on to speed up the drying process. Need more tips for stubborn carpet stains? Our Guide to Natural Carpet Cleaning contains crucial tips for the holiday party season.

How Do You Remove Large Chocolate Stains?

Removing large chocolate stains

Maybe you had an unfortunate kitchen mishap or a clumsy moment with a big bowl of syrup, but either way, you may be dealing with a large chocolate stain on your carpet that won't go away with a few sprays of cleaner. In that case, you can use our Natural Carpet Cleaner in a carpet cleaning machine. Don't have one? Many hardware stores rent them out at hourly rates.

Fill the tank with the diluted carpet shampoo solution, and then shake the tank before reattaching. After the first shampoo run, empty and refill the tank with clean water. From there, you can complete another cleaning cycle to get rid of any remaining product and stain particles.

Need a hand with the rest of your kitchen? Then it sounds like you need our Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen for some pro tips.

Natural Cleaners and Chocolate Stains

Puracy Natural Stain Remover and Carpet Shampoo

For even the trickiest and most stubborn stains, you don't need to turn to caustic chemicals or harsh formulas to ensure the stain is permanently gone. Our natural cleaners make sure to give you a thorough clean with high quality natural ingredients that are effective for whatever chocolate stain awaits you!

Next time you know a delicious chocolate treat is in your future, make sure you have our Natural Stain Remover or Natural Carpet Shampoo handy in case of any spills or mishaps. Formulated by teams of biochemists, our products gently yet effectively remove stains, so you don't have to worry about getting rid of a beloved item of clothing because of a spill.