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How to Get Rid of Pit Stains

Need to remove yellow pit stains? Discover what causes armpit stains, how to remove discoloration & odors, and how Puracy can stop them from happening!

Written by Tenley Haraldson.
Reviewed by Cleaning Expert Sean Busch.

Pit stains are an absolute drag! That's why our pit stain removal tips do more than through erasing discoloration and odors: They help prevent them from happening in the first place!

How to Remove Pit Stains

how to remove pit stains

It doesn't matter the material or age of the armpit stains: The following directions should get everything out. 

1. Focus on the Dirtiest Places

It's not just your underarm areas: Keep an eye on "problem spots" like collars and cuffs.

2. Reach for Our Pit Stain Remover

pit stain remover

Fully saturate both sides of the stained area with Puracy Natural Stain Remover and wait between 8-72 hours so the plant enzymes have enough time to work. This product shouldn't sit for more than an hour on silk, wool, and non-washable fabrics. 

Bleach can make yellow armpit stains look even yellower, but our natural pit stain remover actually brightens white clothes without bleach

3. Agitate the Area

how to remove pit stains

To remove tough stains, agitate the area with a boar’s hair detailing brush, laundry brush, or simply rub the fabric together. This helps drive the plant-based enzymes deeper into the fabric’s fibers while loosening stain and odor particles.  

4. Launder

remove yellow armpit stains

We recommend the warmest water that your shirt's fabric care instructions allow, as well as an "extra rinse" cycle. Extra-stubborn stains may require two treatments. The plant-based enzymes in our Natural Laundry Detergent further break down hard sweat stains – and its low salt content means that the formula washes away without leaving behind residue. 

Biology Lesson: What Causes Yellow Armpit Stains?

what causes armpit stains

Eccrine sweat glands cover most of our body. When our temps rise, they excrete a colorless and odorless fluid to cool us down.

Found next to hair follicles (e.g. scalp, armpit, groin), apocrine sweat glands produce a colorless, odorless fluid when we're stressed or nervous. When that fluid mixes with the bacteria in hair follicles and aluminum in antiperspirants, you get a stubborn yellow mixture that clings to fabrics.

Your Deodorant Might Be Responsible

how to stop pit stains

Deodorants don’t keep you from sweating: They mask/neutralize body odors caused by sweat. If you use deodorant without antiperspirant, you might spot white residue and sweat stains – but your shirts probably won't develop yellow armpit stains.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds which help control odors and sweating by blocking your underarm sweat ducts and inhibiting the bacteria that feed on sweat. Since aluminum is the main culprit of armpit discoloration, choose an aluminum-free deodorant and learn how to stop pit stains before they happen.

Simple Tips on Stopping Armpit Stains

how to prevent pit stains

In addition to ditching the aluminum-based deodorant, you can help prevent discoloration in shirts by:

  • Wearing a lightweight undershirt, sweat guards (also known as "pit stain protectors"), or dress shields to absorb sweat before it winds up on your favorite garment.
  • Reconsidering that second espresso: Caffeine intake elevates body temperature and anxiety levels – and that increases sweat production.
  • Waiting until deodorant is totally dry before popping on shirts.
  • Spraying armpits, collars, and cuffs of machine-washable shirts with Natural Stain Remover after taking them off. Throw them in the hamper and forget about 'em until laundry day.

We've Created the Best Pit Stain Remover. Period.

pit stain removal

The 6 plant-based enzymes in Puracy Natural Stain Remover go deep into fabric fibers to obliterate pit stains, sweat, body odors, and thousands of other stain-causing substances.

In the unlikely event that you don’t absolutely love our Natural Stain Remover, we’ll refund your purchase: No questions or returns necessary.