• Derived from: coconut
  • Pronunciation: (ˈglis-rəth\ ˈkō-(ˌ)kōkō'ate)
  • Type: Naturally-derived

What Is Glycereth-17 Cocoate?

Glycereth-17 cocoate is a slightly soluble liquid or solid that is derived from coconut oil.[1,2]

What Does Glycereth-17 Cocoate Do in Our products?

Glycereth-17 cocoate is an emulsifier and a surfactant.[3,4] It is often found in foaming hand sanitizers.[5]

Why Puracy Uses Glycereth-17 Cocoate

We use glycereth-17 cocoate as a cleanser and to keep ingredients from separating. Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care and cleaning product quality standards.[7,8]

How Glycereth-17 Cocoate Is Made

Glycereth-17 cocoate is an ester of coconut acid and a polyethylene glycol either of glycerin.[6]



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