• Derived from: coconut
  • Pronunciation: (\ˈlȯr-əl\ \ˈglü-kə-ˌsīd\)
  • Type: Naturally-derived

What Is Lauryl glucoside?

Lauryl glucoside is a viscous yellow substance derived from palm kernel oil, corn sugar, or coconut.[1] The ingredient is also a type of alkyl glucoside, which is a substance formed by mixing alcohols and sugar or glucose.[2]

What Does Lauryl glucoside Do in Our products?

Lauryl glucoside is a surfactant, meaning it breaks surface tension in liquids, allowing things to become clean. It can be found in hundreds of personal care products, including shampoo, facial cleansers, body wash, sunscreen, bubble bath, and a variety of other products.[3]

Why Puracy Uses Lauryl glucoside

We use lauryl glucoside as a surfactant and cleanser. The Cosmetics Ingredient Review has deemed the ingredient safe for use in cosmetic products, and Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care quality standards.[7,8] Also, research shows the ingredient is typically not a skin irritant.[9,10]

How Lauryl glucoside Is Made

Commercial production of lauryl glucoside and other alkyl polyglucosides generally starts by mixing palm, corn, or coconut alcohol with some kind of sugar, glucose, or glucose polymer under acidic conditions.[4,5] Alkyl glucoside production first began in 1893 by reacting glucose with anhydrous ethanol to produce ethyl glucoside.[6]



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