how to deep clean your room

How to Deep Clean a Bedroom

Wondering how to deep clean your room? You're in luck: Our step-by-step guide walks you through the steps you need for a clean bedroom.

Written by Tenley Haraldson. Reviewed by Sean Busch.

Not only does our step-by-step guide walk you through how to deep clean your room, it also gives you methods to prevent messes from building up in the first place! 

Frequent Care Is Easy Care

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by a messy room, so try breaking tasks down into small chunks throughout each week. Set aside a specific time in your calendar for the task – and try to hold yourself accountable. 

Get the Right Cleaning Supplies

Before you start, gathering your supplies makes the cleaning process go much more smoothly.  You really don’t need much to get the job done:

  • Microfiber towels traps more grime than regular rags due to its high density of fibers. Ours have 300% higher fiber density than regular rags.
  • Our natural all-purpose cleaning spray are safe to be used on literally all non-porous surfaces. 
  • White vinegar is natural cleaning agent that can be mixed with water (50/50 solution) to erase tough dirt and grime on many surfaces.
  • Microfiber dusters that bend can help you reach more difficult areas.
  • A durable bucket makes transporting and pouring out cleaning solutions much easier.
  • To catch dust and airborne particles, choose a vacuum with HEPA filter. 
  • Have carpets? A carpet shampooer is a surprisingly affordable way to remove stains from carpets and upholstered surfaces. 
  • The plant-based enzymes in our Natural Stain Remover erase all traces of stains and odors.
  • For hardwood and tile, a microfiber mop (with a liquid reservoir) gives you greater control over the amount of liquid used on your floor.
  • Keep a few baskets around to collect dirty clothes (and other odds and ends) that need to be kept out of the way while you clean.
  • Multiple garbage bags

How to Clean Your Room Step-by-Step

Get yourself pumped up by blasting some upbeat music, letting the sunlight in, and opening the windows (if the weather is decent). 

1. Wash Bedding

how to deep clean your room fast

Remove all bedding and curtains. Wash bedsheets and pillowcases according to manufacturer instructions. We recommend using a natural laundry detergent that's formulated with plant-powered enzymes and cleansers – and rinses cleanly away.

During your bedroom deep clean, continue washing the rest of your bedroom's textiles. 

Pillows & Blankets

Pillowcases and waterproof pillow protectors help reduce dirt, dust mites, and allergen buildup. However, many polyester-filled and down pillows can be thrown in traditional washing machines twice a year. To keep your washing machine balanced, wash two at the same time.

How to Dry 

Prevent dampness and mildew by putting pillows and blankets in the dryer for about an hour on medium heat.

Down pillows and blankets should be dried with absolutely no heat. Prevent damp spots by adding two tennis balls to the dryer or either refluffing periodically.

For a sun-kissed scent, consider hanging pillows and light-colored blankets on a clothesline. 

2. Clean Your Mattress

how to clean a mattress

While your linens are in the wash, give your bed the attention it deserves. If you don’t have a waterproof mattress cover, a twice-yearly cleaning session is ideal. From vacuuming to stain removal, we've put together a comprehensive guide to cleaning your mattress.

3. Declutter Your Bedroom

how to deep clean a bedroom

In the words of fathers everywhere, “If it isn’t furniture or nailed down, it needs to be off the floor.” Declutter your bedroom by removing clothes, trash, glasses, and anything else that takes up unnecessary space:

  1. Pick up all trash from surfaces. 
  2. Gather dirty laundry and place it in a basket or hamper.
  3. Use a separate catch-all basket to gather items that don’t belong in the bedroom.
  4. Do a quick sweep through drawers to remove used or outdated items.
  5. 5. After your room has been cleaned, find homes for the items in your catch-all basket.

4. Dust from Top to Bottom

Feather dusters spread dust around instead of picking it up. Instead, keep a microfiber cloth, microfiber duster, and a gentle cleaning solution handy. Fold your towel in half twice give it a small spritz with Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner (or a 50/50 vinegar and water solution in a reusable spray bottle). Remember: You want a slightly damp towel, not one that’s dripping with solution.

Wipe flat areas slowly, covering the entire area in as few sweeps as possible (fast movements spread dust). Periodically check your towel for buildup and refold it to expose a clean area.

Pro Tip: Cover your mattress with a drop cloth before getting started.

Cleaning the Top of a Room

Extendable and bendable dusters can help you target light fixtures, horizontal fan blades, door frames, and ceiling corners. Some light fixtures (or extra-dusty spots) may require hand cleaning, so you'll likely need to stand on a stool or safety ladder for this task.

Use the brush nozzle attachment on a vacuum for a quick sweep to dislodge dust and cobwebs, from corners, sills, etc. Next, hold a clean microfiber cloth against the wall with a dry mop and wipe up and down in a “W” motion.

Mid-Height and Floor Level

how to clean your room step by step

Work your way downwards, wiping picture frames, furniture, unplugged electronics, and vents with a damp cloth. Use a vacuum hose attachment to pick up excess dust from baseboards, corners, and floor vents. You don’t have to vacuum or sweep the rest of the floor yet: Do that toward the end of the cleaning process. 

5. Clean Bedroom Windows how to clean your room properly

If you're cleaning windows, pull out a microfiber towel and Natural Surface Cleaner. Visually divide the window surface into two-by-two squares and apply one spray of cleaning solution per square.

Start with one long wipe that frames the upper window edge, following with long, overlapping strokes in a “Z” pattern. Make sure that your window cleaner evaporates immediately after each wipe. If you’re seeing streaks, you’re using too much product.

If you've got large windows, use a squeegee. Following the same two-by-two method, position your squeegee at a 30º angle from the glass surface and – in vertical movements – remove excess product without leaving streaks.

Pro Tip: This is the right time to clean your mirrors, too.

How to Clean Blinds/Slats

how to clean window treatments

If you have blinds or slats, clean them before focusing on your windows. Using your 50/50 vinegar-water mixture in a bowl or cleaning bucket, dampen your microfiber towel. Pinching a blind slat and run the cloth down its length.

Repeat this method on each slat, working from the top to the bottom. Rinse the cloth periodically as dust accumulates, dipping it into cleaning solution as often as necessary.

When you get to the bottom, either remove the remaining dust from window sills with a microfiber cloth or with your vacuum.  

6. Clean Out Your Closet

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You don’t need to implement drastic changes, but a quick purge frees up space in closets and instantly makes them look more organized. Remove all clothing and pick out those that are damaged, don't fit, and haven’t been worn in over a year. Consider donating items that are wearable and recycle clothes that aren't.

While it’s still empty, dust the top corners and ceiling lights, working your way down to the baseboards. Wipe down shelving, the curtain rod, and any other closet fixtures with a microfiber towel and natural surface cleaner. When you replace items, organize your clothing by using same-size hangers and sorting by clothing type or color. 

7. Organize Dressers and Nightstands

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Pro Tip: To improve your sleep, consider moving your phone charger to another area of the room.

8. Clean the Floor

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No matter the type of floor, pay special attention to the baseboards and edge seams. Crevice attachments ensure that every square inch has been tackled. 

How to Clean Bedroom Carpeting

Vacuum the entire floor and get underneath moveable furniture. Work on one section of the room at a time in a “Y” pattern with wide, overlapping strokes. A hose attachment is essential for picking up dirt in corners and crevices. 

Removing Carpet Stains

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We've put together an expert guide to removing carpet stains, no matter how big or unsightly they may be. We recommend purchasing/renting a carpet cleaning machine for this task – but it can also be done by hand! 

How to Clean Hardwood Floors 

Hardwood flooring requires special care: Excess water can soak into crevices, be absorbed by the wood, and cause bending or breakage. The correct method also depends on its coating and material type. Read our comprehensive guide on cleaning all types of hardwood floors

9. Make Your Bed (and Call It a Day) 

Once your mattress is dry, replace your freshly-cleaned bedding, pillows, and curtains for a completely refreshed space. Fall back on your bed, take a deep breath, and revel in a job well done.

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Deep Clean Your Space with Puracy Products

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Our natural product lineup knocks out dirt in every room – while keeping your space free from potentially harmful chemicals. We've created our formulas for the simplest, cleanest clean imaginable. Discover why we keep landing on best-of lists!