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Microfiber Towels: Use, Care, & Cleaning Tips

From 7x absorbency to fuzz-free surfaces, we've engineered the Puracy Microfiber Towel to exceed every expectation. Take your cleaning to the next level!
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Written by Tenley Haraldson. Reviewed by Cleaning Expert Sean Busch.

If we're being totally honest (and we always are), a microfiber towel is the most versatile cleaning item in your cleaning caddy. Whether you're dusting, wiping down electronics, or even drying your hair, the Puracy Microfiber Towel has been engineered to exceed your expectations! 

The Best Way to Use Puracy Microfiber Towels

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We're self-professed cleaning nerds and we've dedicated considerable time towards improving cleaning processes. After years of research, we recommend folding our towels into quarters and rotating each side after use. This provides more mileage and ensures that you’re wiping with a clean surface.

Also consider the products that you spray microfiber cloths with. We recommend using food-safe cleaners that aren't reactive with other chemicals (like ammonia, bleach, or chlorine). 

What Are Microfiber Towels Used for?

what are microfiber towels used for

Microfiber is safe for pretty much all surfaces: windows, mirrors, kitchen countertops, stainless steel appliances, electronics, and even hair. 

However, if you're cleaning sandy or muddy messes, sharp particles can get trapped in the fibers. Since you don't want to scratch surfaces, reach for scrub brushes and other appropriate tools for the tasks at hand.

Fragile Surfaces

Before wiping down electronic devices, computer screens, or framed art, spritz your microfiber towel first. 

Durable Surfaces

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Use broad, sweeping motions to spray surfaces with your Natural Surface Cleaner. We recommend about one spray for every 2’ x 2’ patch. Apply medium pressure and wipe using fast-moving, overlapping “Z” patterns. For heavily-soiled areas, let the cleaner sit on the surface for 30 seconds before wiping it away.

Pro Tip: If you see streaking, you’re using too much product or you should rotate your towel to an unused side.

Drying Hair with Microfiber Cloths

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For coarse and/or curly hair, consider using a microfiber cloth on wash days. Excess water is gently removed without leaving hair frizzy – and roots aren’t weighed down as they quickly dry. A microfiber cloth can even improve curl definition

What Are Microfiber Towels Made of? 

Puracy Microfiber Towels are made from a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibers that are 100x finer than human hair. Because they've got more surface area and absorbency than other fabrics, you can count on them to pick up massive amounts of dirt and liquids – with minimal effort.

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If you look at cotton fibers under a microscope, they're usually smoother and more rounded – and they tend to push dirt, grime, stains, and spills around. Microfiber tends to have various angles and channels which grab and trap microparticles. Due to their unique structure, these cloths: 

  • hold 7x their weight in water
  • last longer than cotton towels
  • leave surfaces streak- and fuzz-free.

What Makes Puracy Microfiber Towels So Unique?

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Our cloths clock in at an impressive 16x16 inches and provide 600 grams per square meter of absorbency. For comparison, standard microfiber towels typically offer 150gsm.

In addition to their extremely absorbent properties, Puracy microfiber towels are:

1. More Environmentally-Friendly 

Single-use paper towels and cleaning wipes are wasteful and expensive. You can expect 500+ uses from microfiber cloths that are cared for properly.

Because Puracy microfiber towels were designed to be more durable than other leading products, they break down more slowly and produce virtually zero lint (which can enter waterways). Less waste, fewer replacements: Win-win!

2. Incredibly Effective

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By design, microfiber towels are more effective at removing gunk and grime than alternative fabrics. And since they cover more surface area, they don’t require as much cleaning solution.  

3. Totally Edgeless

During the R&D process, we realized that the edges of many microfiber cloths scratched fragile surfaces and snagged delicate, woven material. No matter how you use them, fold them, and wipe them, Puracy Microfiber Towels are completely edgeless to keep surfaces protected.

4. Extremely Versatile

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Microfiber towels are safe for nearly every surface in your home. They're also amazing multitaskers and work with most cleaning agents. 

How to Clean Microfiber Towels

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For proper microfiber towel care, we recommend that you wash them:

  • before they’re first used
  • when they’re saturated with liquids or dirt
  • as soon as you notice streaks on cleaning surfaces 

1. Wash Separately 

Microfiber is great for picking up small particles, but that means the fabric also attracts lint. To keep microfiber towels as effective as possible, launder them without any other fabrics. 

2. Use the Right Laundry Detergent

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Avoid bleach, fabric softener, and powdered detergent (the granules can lodge in the fibers). Choose a Natural Laundry Detergent that’s gentle, effective, fragrance-free, and leaves zero residue behind. We recommend an extra rinse cycle simply because microfiber is so absorbent. 

3. Dry Gently 

Use the delicate setting on your dryer and remove towels when they are still slightly damp. Allow them to air-dry before using.

Pro Tip: Clean your lint trap to keep fibers from cycling back into your dryer.

We've Engineered the Best Microfiber Towels for Cleaning

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Get the most out of your microfiber cloth by choosing one that’s been developed for the most "seamless" cleaning experience.

We’re so confident about our microfiber towel that if you’re not thrilled, we’ll refund your purchase with zero questions, hassles, or returns. That's the Puracy promise.