• Pronunciation: ˈglis-rəl\ ˈlȯr-ˌāt
  • Type: Naturally-derived

What Is Glyceryl laurate?

Glyceryl laurate is a white or cream-colored powder with a faint odor.[1]

What Does Glyceryl laurate Do in Our products?

Glyceryl laurate is a plant-based viscosity stabilizer. It is also a skin-conditioning agent.[2,3] We use it to hold our solid stick deodorant formula together. It is present in many personal care products, including deodorant, shampoo, moisturizer, cleansers, exfoliants and other items.[4]

Why Puracy Uses Glyceryl laurate

We use glyceryl laurate as a viscosity stabilizer. The Cosmetics Ingredient Review has deemed the ingredient safe for use in cosmetics.[8] Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care quality standards.[9]

How Glyceryl laurate Is Made

Glyceryl laurate is glyceryl monoester. It is made via the direct esterification of glycerol with a fatty acid that often comes from plant oils.[5,6,7]



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