Cucumis Melo Extract is derived from cantaloupe

Cucumis Melo Extract

Learn all about cucumis melo extract, including how it's made, and why Puracy uses cucumis melo extract in our products.
  • Derived from: cantaloupe
  • Pronunciation: \ˈkyük(y)əmə̇s \ˈme(ˌ)lō\
  • Type: Naturally-derived
  • Other names: Muskmelon Extract

What Is Cucumis Melo Extract?

Cucumis melo extract comes from the cantaloupe or muskmelon, which is a member of the gourd family and is native to Africa but grown around the world. Cantaloupes grown in the United States are typically harvested between May and November; some are imported from Latin America.[1]

What Does Cucumis Melo Extract Do in Our products?

Cucumis melo extract is a skin-conditioning agent.[2] We use the ingredient in our bubble bath. Cucumis melo extract can also be found in sunscreen, shampoo, moisturizer, soap, makeup and many other products.[3]

Why Puracy Uses Cucumis Melo Extract

Studies find that muskmelon extract may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as other potential medical uses.[5,6] Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care and cleaning product quality standards.[7,8]

How Cucumis Melo Extract Is Made

Melon extracts generally are made by pressing the fruit and the separating the juice. The extraction process eliminates larger solid particles.[4]


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