• Derived from: coconut
  • Pronunciation: \ˈleks\ \ ˈfēl\
  • Type: Naturally-derived

What Is LexFeel N5?

LexFeel N5 is a coconut-based, biodegradable emollient that is not as greasy as natural oils.[1]

What Does LexFeel N5 Do in Our products?

LexFeel N5 is a frictionless detangler. It's a natural substitute for silicones to help improve the skin feel of products, as well as give hair a silky, smooth feel. It coats the hair, providing shine and conditioning to the hair. It is also used in antiperspirants and makeup.[2]

Why Puracy Uses LexFeel N5

LexFeel N5 is an alternative to cyclomethicone, which is a silicon-based compound.[4,5] We use it as a plant-derived alternative to synthetic silicone and dimethicone.

How LexFeel N5 Is Made

LexFeel N5 is a diheptyl succinate (and) capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer.[3]


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