sodium gluconate

Sodium Gluconate

What is sodium gluconate? Is it natural? Discover everything about this common ingredient, including how it’s used in Puracy products.
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  • Derived from: Plants
  • Pronunciation: \ˈsō-dē-əm\ ˈglü-kə-ˌnāt\
  • Type: Naturally-derived
  • Other names: Gluconolactone

What Is Sodium Gluconate?

Sodium gluconate (also called gluconolactone) is a naturally-occurring sodium salt of gluconic acid.[1]

How Sodium Gluconate Is Made

Manufacturing commercial sodium gluconate involves neutralizing gluconic acid with a sodium base or by acidifying calcium gluconate with sulfuric acid[2], filtering the product and neutralizing the result with a sodium base. Other methods involve continuous neutralization of gluconic acid formed during submerged culture fermentation.[3]

Sodium Gluconate Uses

Sodium gluconate is a skin-conditioning agent and a chelating agent (a substance that improves foaming in hard water). You can often find sodium gluconate in soap, sunscreen, shampoo, toothpaste, hair products, makeup, and a variety of other personal care products.[4]

We also use it as a softening agent in Puracy laundry detergents.

Is Sodium Gluconate Safe?

Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care quality standards.[5] The National Institutes of Health report that the ingredient is not a skin or eye irritant. [1,6]


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