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Sets, Gifts, & More

Home Cleaning Box

This Home Cleaning Box provides everything you need for natural & safe home cleaning.


$72.95 $54.71 You Save 25%$40.96 $30.72 You Save 25%$24.97 $18.73 You Save 25%

Baby Home Cleaning Box

From our Baby Multi-Surface Stain Cleaner to our Natural Hand Sanitizer, this Puracy set contains everything you need for a clean (and healthy) home.


$53.93 $40.45 You Save 25%$35.95 $26.96 You Save 25%$23.97 $17.98 You Save 25%

Dishwashing Box

Everything you need to get dishes clean without worrying about chemicals.


$64.95 $48.71 You Save 25%$43.96 $32.97 You Save 25%$27.97 $20.98 You Save 25%

Hand Care Box

Everything you need to get your hands clean and keep them soft. With support for multiple bathrooms, the kitchen, diaper stations, and more.


$56.93 $42.70 You Save 25%$35.94 $26.96 You Save 25%$23.96 $17.97 You Save 25%

Made by nature-loving doctors

We’re our own customer, so we don’t cut corners. We work with chemists, doctors, pediatricians, and experts to define & refine our starring lineup to perfection. Every ingredient is scrutinized, then carefully sourced & made in the USA.

Vegan & vegetarian
Cruelty free
Made in USA
Made by PhDs

Seven years of glowing awards & reviews. Trusted by millions.

Over 25,000 5-star reviews
Over 8 million sold
#1 best seller on Amazon
Ravely reviewed by these fine folks
New York Times
Business Insider
New York Magazine
Martha Stewart
Huffington Post
Seattle Times
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