CLEAN CAN: A Technological & Ecological Leap In Cleaning 

Clean Can Starter Set


The Puracy Clean Can system featuring a durable design that lasts over a decade a daily use, only takes 10 seconds to reload

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Say goodbye to single-use plastic!

Clean Can: the first and only cleaning system to use infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. Each 100% aluminum can is housed in a system made from hyper-durable, shatter-proof, and optically clear PET-G. It looks like glass, but it’s way better.

Say Hello To Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum

Gone are the days of having to pick and choose between efficacy, clean ingredients, single-use plastic, and refill or mixing procedures.

Refills made easy - just Crack, Snap & Twist! Ten seconds and you're back in business.

The Reviews Are In

"Just crack open the inner can filled with cleaning fluid, screw on the spray attachment, and you’re ready to clean"

"This plant-powered product is a real miracle in a can–and you honestly won’t even be tempted to buy another toxic surface cleaner again once you get your hands on this"

"It looks like a trendy bottle of seltzer but fits directly into its reusable spray bottles. When you run out, simply recycle and replace with another"

Eco Friendly

Made in US


Cruelty Free

This is only the beginning for Clean Can.

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