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Daily Face & Body Lotion
Body /Skin

Daily Face & Body Lotion

Rich hydration enriched with plant-based hydrators to restore skin balance and comfort without grease, residue, or any bad stuff.

1515 reviews


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  • Our 2021 reformulation improves distribution and absorption, increasing overall skin hydration
  • Specially formulated by our team of PhD chemists 
  • This lightweight proprietary formula is infused with Vitamin E for a non-greasy lotion that softens skin.
  • NO silicones, parabens, dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde, PEG, petrochemicals, nut-based ingredients, animal by-products, perfumes, or synthetic fragrances. 
  • Hypoallergenic, gluten-free, vegan, & biodegradable
  • Certified cruelty-free and never tested on animals at any stage of the product development process
  • This bottle's original hand-drawn artwork helps support local artists.
  • 99.3% natural formula 

Puracy Daily Face & Body Lotion is a lightweight, all-purpose moisturizer that nourishes skin all day long. Packed with rich, hydrating ingredients and clinical-grade vitamins, your skin will feel softer and smoother with each use.


  • Apply liberally to clean, dry skin as needed. Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.

Daily Face & Body Lotion

Based on 1515 reviews
★★★★★ Reviewed on 05/15/2020

love hand & body lotion
I use the hand/body lotion on my entire body each day; I have very dry skin. Pure & fragrance free is what I need. Thank you for your products.
-Cynthia R.

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Oleta S.
United States United States

This is the best moisturizer I have ever used and the best price. It absorbs into your skin, doesn't leave you feeling sticky. My skin is actually healing using this lotion. I have tried very expensive lotions and this lotion beats them hands down.

Nicole J.
United States United States
New formula

Overall it’s good lotion but I prefer the old formula. That one was smooth and creamy. This new formula is thick. Also no pump. Thanks.

United States United States
Best Lotion Ever minus one ingredient

This is truly the best lotion ever. I love that it is extremely moisturizing and can be used for face and body. I have not been able to find a product since I began using yours for the past year. I loved the prior formula however, I do not like that the new product contains xylitol. Many people have pets in their home and this is extremely toxic to dogs in small doses. Please reconsider.....please, I want to continue using this product for a lifetime. P.S. yes, my dog likes to lick my legs after I put it on. lol..... Amanda


Hi Amanda, Thank you for reaching out about this. We understand your concerns with the safety of Xylitol around dogs. Most of our team has dogs of their own so this was one of our first questions to our chemist. Our team has consulted with Ph.D. chemists, veterinarians, and the ingredient manufacturer to confirm the safety of this ingredient. Rest assured that it poses no immediate risks if a dog were to lick it from your skin after being applied. Xylitol toxicity concerns for dogs begin at 50mg per pound of body weight. Therefore, a 10 pound dog would be at risk at 500 mg; a 40 pound dog at 2,000 mg (2 grams); and so on. The amount of Xylitol used in our 12-ounce bottle of lotion is approximately 306mg or 0.011%. In this type of application, it is very unlikely that a dog would consume enough of Xylitol to pose any risks. A dog would need to consume all12 ounces of lotion to consume that full 306 mg of Xylitol. For reference, below are 3 distinct weight classes and how much Xylitol would need to be consumed in order for a dog to require immediate veterinary care. Chihuahua-165mg-330mg Corgi-1100mg-1500mg Golden Retriever-2750mg-3750mg Due to the absorption, there is no concern that your dog would become sick if licking your skin or hands after applying the lotion. According to ASPCA Poison Control, Xylitol does not cause serious problems with cats or ferrets. We have also consulted with the manufacturer of Aquaxyl; the ingredient containing Xylitol. They do not have toxicology reports on the ingredient in regards to canines simply because they do not test their ingredients on animals. However, they have stated the concern around this ingredient pertains more so to sugar-free foods, chewing gums, mints, and other gummy products. Our goal is to provide safe products for the entire family, including pets. We encourage you to take a deeper dive into our Ingredients Portal at, where you can read in depth about each ingredient we use, how it’s made, and why we use it. I hope this information is helpful, but please feel free to reach out with further questions or concerns to

United States United States
Great lotion, please offer refills!

I love this lotion and have ordered several bottles over the past few years. My only complaint is that larger quantity refills aren’t available! I am still using the same pump top from the first bottle I ever ordered and I end up throwing away the pump tops that come with each new bottle, not to mention the bottles themselves. Please make refills an option for this lotion! Thanks for considering this feedback.

United States United States
Great Lotion

I recently started having allergic reactions to several lotions. This unscented lotion works well, and does not cause any irritation on my sensitive skin.

Haley W.
United States United States
Great safe lotion!

This lotion is great. Truly no scent and applies easily without needing to use a lot. I love that it is safe for your body like all of the other products!

Theresa B.
United States United States
Face and body lotion

I find this to be very good, non-greasy no strong fragrance. I will purchase it again.

United States United States
Great lotion

I love that it's unscented. I added essential oils to it! It moisturizes very well and can be used on the whole body safely.

United States United States
Love the new formula!

I have tried the old formula and was not a fan of the smell. I stopped using it. The new formula that can be used in your face too has nearly no smell. Thank you! So much better! Very moisturizing. I have not used in my face yet but have used in my body. I think the travel size bottle is still the old formula according to the photo. You want the blue bottle. Will definitely be buying again.

Allison H.
United States United States
Good lotion

This lotion does a great job moisturizing, but I'm not crazy about the scent.