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Natural Pet Shampoo
Pet Care /Body & Fur

Natural Pet Shampoo

Great for humans, even better for your furry family. Gentle, won't irritate, cleans well & eliminates odors.

17 reviews


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The purrfect shampoo for every coat of fur.

natural pet shampoo

The best in natural pet care

No matter the fur, Natural Pet Shampoo makes it cleaner, softer, and better using safe & effective, naturally-derived ingredients.

Fortified with Biotin for proactive coat health, specifically pH-balanced for pets, enhanced with zinc-based odor eliminators, with aloe & oatmeal moisturizers. Never any sulfates, harsh irritants, or petroleum-based bad stuff.

Certified Cruelty-Free
Plant-based ingredients
Vegetarian & vegan safe
No parabens, sulfates, & more

Tested & perfected on humans first

We’re deeply committed to making only the safest products for your home, body, baby, & pets. Our products are certified Cruelty Free by PETA, and we’re our own guinea pigs.

Natural Pet Shampoo uses the same base coconut-derived ingredients found in our natural shampoos for babies & children, before being pH-balanced for pet skin.

This is a human-grade, human-tested shampoo, because that’s the only caliber of product good enough for any member of your family — furry ones included.

Tested & perfected on humans first

Gentle & plant-powered

Gentle & plant-powered

Sometimes we all get a little too excited to bathe & get clean, so we crafted a shampoo safe enough to swim in. The plant-based, 99.7% natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive areas (like eyes or digestion), but still tough on dirt & odor. Plus, pH-balanced means it’s guaranteed to agree with your pet’s skin itself, with no worry about irritation or dryness.

So don’t fret about keeping the shampoo or suds away from your pet’s adorable face, and focus instead on the fun of bathtime.

Guaranteed plant-powered performance

We’ve served hundreds of thousands of people for years with the best & most well-reviewed naturally-derived cleaning & care items on the planet.

Matted fur caked with dirt? Grass stains from a particularly energetic round of fetch? Soaked & stale from chasing sticks into a stagnant pond? No problem.

We only use the best, renewable, and carefully-sourced natural ingredients in powerful ways to create the most effective cleaning possible. These gentle ingredients are safe for bodies, but tough on the worst dirt & grime.

Money-back guarantee
Safe & hypoallergenic
Made by PhD chemists
Made in the USA

2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner

2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner

One bottle does a whole lot: with more coconut-based moisturizers than shampoo alone, Natural Pet Shampoo acts as both an effective shampoo & light conditioner, helping save you time and hassle.

Fortified with Biotin & oatmeal

Biotin is a natural vitamin that helps support healthy hair & skin, among other benefits. We’ve included it to help your pet’s coat get in the best condition possible, building a natural shine & strength.

Also included is a healthy serving of oatmeal, helping to reduce oils & provide ample moisturizing for both skin and hair, giving it a soft, silky smooth feel.

Fortified with vitamins
Helps support coat health
Deep moisturizing

No smells but the best smells

Pet rolled in something funky? Leave it to our naturally-derived, zinc-based active odor eliminators to safely remove all unpleasant aromas picked up from outdoor adventures. These powerful agents help purge all traces of even the most difficult smells to erase, like wet dog, urine, and unidentifiable rancid treasures.

To make the act of washing them off a little more pleasant, Natural Pet Shampoo is naturally & lightly scented with real extract blends of orange & aloe, helping to create a gentle, calming experience.

Creates a rich lather
Powerful odor elimination
No smells but the best smells

Perfect for all pets & animals

Perfect for all pets & animals

From Alpacas to Zebras, if it’s a furry member of the family, we have them covered. The naturally-derived ingredients cleanse & protect all coats, including that of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, llamas, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, pigs, goats, sheep, gorillas, lemurs, pygmy jerboas, tarsiers, slow lorises, jackalopes, wolverines, wolves, wolfmen, lions, tigers, bears, & more.

Pro tip: The shampoo works really well, but to prevent your own bloodshed, probably don’t try to bathe a cat (or wolverine) who doesn't like water.


  • Thoroughly rinse your furry companion from top to bottom. Apply soap directly to their coat and massage thoroughly to produce a rich foam. Rinse thoroughly.
  • If foaming seems low, pour some water (not soap) on the area and massage again. Water + Soap + Agitation = Foam
  • Pro tip: Bring a plastic cup. Water from a cup is less scary than pressurized water from a nozzle.

Natural Pet Shampoo

Based on 17 reviews
★★★★★ Reviewed on 04/09/2020

Jealous of My Dog’s Shampoo!
Is that wrong? The orange and aloe scent smells like a creamcicle from childhood. The only challenge I have in using it is that my dog won’t stay still because he literally licks the suds off my hands. I’d say he loves it as much as I do. Yet, this is a high-performance plant based product that leaves the coat, spotless, shiny, conditioned and of course smelling great. My home is full of Puracy products and this one has earned a spot as well.
-Christina H.