Cetrimonium chloride

Cetrimonium chloride

Learn all about cetrimonium chloride, including how it's made, and why Puracy uses cetrimonium chloride in our products.
  • Pronunciation: \ˈse-trə-mōnēəm\ ˈklȯr-ˌīd\
  • Type: Synthetic

What Is Cetrimonium chloride?

Cetrimonium chloride is a waxy solid.[1]

What Does Cetrimonium chloride Do in Our products?

Cetrimonium chloride is a preservative and antistatic agent.[2] It can also be used as an antiseptic and disinfectant.[3,4] It is often found in hair conditioner, shampoo, styling products, hairspray, and other personal care products.[5,6,7]

Why Puracy Uses Cetrimonium chloride

We use cetrimonium chloride to aid in the coverage, feel, and evaporation of our foaming hand sanitizer. The Cosmetic Ingredients Review has deemed the ingredient as safe for use in cosmetics when formulated to be nonirritating.[10] One study found the ingredient is considered safe for use in rinse-off cosmetic products and in leave-on products in concentrations of up to 0.25% and/or formulated to be nonirritating.[11,12]

How Cetrimonium chloride Is Made

Cetrimonium chloride is a quaternary ammonium salt.[8,9]



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