• Derived from: mint
  • Type: Natural
  • Other names: mentha piperita oil 

What Is Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint is a natural hybrid of water mint and spearmint. [1] Also known as Mentha Piperita L, peppermint essential oil is one of the most commonly distilled herbs around the world. The main active ingredients are menthol and methyl salicylate.[2] 

How to Make Peppermint Oil

Like most essential oils, extracting peppermint oil starts with distilling the leaves to capture the fragrance. Depending on the method employed (either steam or a combination of water and steam) a plant's volatile elements move into the condenser where they cool into a liquid. The peppermint essential oil is then collected from the surface of the water. [3]

Peppermint Uses

Known for its distinct odor and cooling effect, you can find peppermint essential oil in a wide range of products like chewing gum, aromatherapy products, food, beverages, medications, and personal care products. [4]

In medications, peppermint essential oil has antispasmodic effects (meaning that it calms the gastric system) [5] and may help to relieve sinus congestion when used in aromatherapy. [6]

Peppermint Essential Oil Uses in Puracy Products

In addition to its refreshing fragrance, peppermint oil is an excellent scalp care ingredient. That's why our Natural Shampoo and Conditioner use peppermint oil: to increase blood circulation and combat dry skin and dandruff. 

Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe?

Whole Foods lists menthol (the main active ingredient in peppermint essential oil) in its acceptable body care ingredients list. [7] Mentha piperita oil is most typically safe when applied topically [8,10] but occasionally causes allergic reactions [1,9,11,12]


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